Molong / Manildra / Cudal / BPR

Cycling Route

112.74 km
1,772 m
Created By
Ben M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Coronation Drive Woodward to Ploughmans1.64 km-28 m-0.7%
Ploughmans Lane to Nashdale (80kph Sign)5.05 km49 m0.7%
Cargo Rd Climb 1 - Ploughmans Rd to Neales Ln1.92 km45 m1.8%
Ploughmans Lane to Nashdale (40kph Sign)5.25 km47 m0.7%
Molong Creek Climb - Cargo Rd West Bound0.68 km32 m4.7%
The OMMCB Slug97.41 km-562 m-0.0%
Borenore Store5.91 km-116 m-1.3%
Amaroo Rd - Cargo Rd to Mitchell Hwy22.39 km-334 m-1.4%
Borenore Pinch0.49 km34 m6.7%
Escort Way to Mitchell Hwy15.58 km-221 m-1.4%
Molong Run In4.63 km-36 m-0.7%
Molong Sprint1.43 km-26 m-1.8%
Packham Dr Downhill7.42 km-154 m-2.1%
Packham Dr. to Mandagery Lane7.83 km-44 m-0.6%
To Work Interval 25.39 km158 m2.9%
Kurrajong Rd Climb1.98 km98 m5.0%
Davys Plains Rd Climb1.18 km122 m10.3%
Cudal to Gavins Lane junction3.45 km28 m0.4%
Bowan Park Climb - Full (from Davys Plains Rd)14.97 km372 m2.5%
Bowen Pk climb full 15.25 km243 m4.6%
Bowan Park Rd Climb2.62 km131 m5.0%
Bowan Park Rd Climb2.73 km160 m5.8%
Bowan Park Rd Climb1.41 km87 m6.1%
Lidster Hill1.30 km118 m9.0%
Nashdale city limits2.29 km31 m0.8%
Mt Pleasant Dash1.21 km-20 m-1.7%
Canobolas Road Sprint - Eastbound1.03 km-4 m-0.2%
Racecourse descent0.78 km-29 m-3.7%