The Pinnacle

Cycling Route

23.73 km
452 m
Created By
Ben M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lot 52 Racecourse Rd Climb1.09 km27 m2.4%
Canobolas Flat - Pinnacle to Ploughmans0.84 km4 m0.3%
Towac sprint0.85 km3 m0.0%
Canobolas Road sprint - westbound1.05 km3 m0.3%
pinnacle loop anti fromracecourse rd20.23 km-223 m-0.0%
Canobolas Road sprint - westbound1.05 km3 m0.3%
Pinnacle loop ACW Tuesday morning bunch19.91 km-219 m-0.0%
Ploughmans pinnacle loop19.51 km221 m0.0%
Bottom to Top11.10 km223 m2.0%
Mt Pleasant Ct to Canobolas Public School2.13 km61 m2.9%
Canobolas Rd Climb0.95 km90 m9.3%
Canobolas Rd Climb - Omaroo Climb0.44 km27 m5.9%
Breakfast with Tiffany 0.18 km12 m6.3%
Pinnacle Rd Climb (Canobolas Rd to Monument)3.71 km185 m5.0%
Stairs Rd Climb1.92 km164 m8.5%
OCC Pinnacle TT1.96 km155 m7.9%
Stairs Rd Climb1.51 km139 m9.2%
Top to Bottom8.40 km-236 m-2.7%
Pinnacle Road Descent - East of Monument4.46 km-157 m-3.5%
Pinnacle to T-section9.29 km-216 m-2.3%
Shirallee3.67 km-65 m-1.6%
Bottom of Pinnacle to 50 sign3.67 km-70 m-1.2%
Racecourse Sprint2.12 km-64 m-3.0%
Pinnacle Road1.54 km-23 m-0.9%
The Real Racecourse Sprint1.32 km-25 m-1.0%
Racecourse descent0.78 km-29 m-3.7%