harderford 75

Cycling Route

74.42 mi
10,286 ft
Created By
chris joice

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
first climb hardford 502.35 mi850 ft6.8%
Green Corner Road Climb0.88 mi377 ft8.1%
HARDford 50 First Descent2.48 mi-1,106 ft-8.4%
Bus-ted sprint by the river0.93 mi52 ft0.8%
mt sterling climb to 2884.08 mi1,421 ft6.6%
At the HD turn off3.91 mi1,417 ft6.8%
Mt Sterling Rd Climb0.95 mi472 ft9.4%
Mt Sterling Rd Climb0.71 mi302 ft8.1%
Sterling down to the Den10.76 mi-1,099 ft-1.9%
Stinking Camp Branch - Pigeon River6.38 mi-1,047 ft-3.1%
fs288 - Buzzards roost to the river3.65 mi-594 ft-2.9%
Cry me some gravel6.15 mi1,890 ft5.8%
Cold Springs Creek to Max Patch Rd. 6.28 mi1,818 ft5.5%
Harmon Den to Max Patch7.69 mi2,303 ft5.6%
Bacon before Strava6.41 mi1,991 ft5.9%
Pisgah Sign to FR 22507.38 mi2,142 ft5.5%
Cold Springs Creek Rd Climb2.78 mi692 ft4.7%
Harmon Den - Robert Gap2.83 mi965 ft6.4%
Max Patch Rd Climb1.45 mi436 ft5.7%
FSR 2250 from Max Patch to Brown Gap4.07 mi-778 ft-3.5%
RockyTopRd Climb from Old15th2.52 mi935 ft7.0%
Halls Top climb2.64 mi1,106 ft7.9%