Figueroa Mtn - Anti-clockwise from Solvang

Cycling Route

48.09 mi
5,515 ft
Created By
Steve Nelson
January 6, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mission Drive (eastwards)4.36 mi226 ft1.0%
Alamo Pintado to Refugio1.82 mi164 ft1.6%
246 Climb to Janin1.01 mi128 ft2.4%
Mission Dr. 1.13 mi85 ft1.4%
Airport - Meadowlark ish0.58 mi36 ft1.2%
Armour Rollers1.40 mi75 ft1.0%
154 Happy Fig 15435.12 mi3,809 ft0.1%
Armour to Happy Canyon1.07 mi118 ft-1.5%
Happy Canyon to Windmill6.82 mi489 ft1.1%
All of Happy + Fig17.26 mi3,819 ft4.1%
Happy Canyon (eastwards/uphill)3.56 mi262 ft1.3%
bad boy stretch0.43 mi36 ft-1.5%
Limitless TT4.04 mi1,289 ft6.0%
Full Fig Mtn. From Happy Cyn to Los Olivos26.17 mi3,632 ft-0.2%
CTS Climb Field Test1.60 mi751 ft8.9%
Fig Mtn Rd - Happy 9.85 mi3,169 ft6.1%
Happy Canyon KOM to the Dirt2.19 mi988 ft8.5%
Happy Quad Fun0.72 mi371 ft9.7%
Fig Mtn - Lion Canyon/Cachuma Ck4.62 mi1,234 ft4.3%
Fig Fondo - KOM with break at saddle9.78 mi3,281 ft6.3%
Fig KOM (to closed gate)9.34 mi3,087 ft6.3%
Happy to Saddle6.37 mi1,870 ft5.6%
Uphill dirt on Happy - its only 0.94 of a mile0.98 mi230 ft4.4%
Dirt start to saddle4.29 mi974 ft4.1%
Dirt to Cachuma Creek2.43 mi302 ft0.5%
Happy Mid DH0.53 mi207 ft-7.3%
Mt. Fig after descent to final turnoff2.17 mi843 ft7.4%
Cachuma Creek to Figueroa Mtn Summit5.28 mi2,162 ft7.7%
Saddle to Summit3.37 mi1,332 ft7.5%
Happy Valley Fort to Figueroa Mtn3.28 mi1,348 ft7.8%
Forest Route 7 N07 Climb0.93 mi404 ft8.2%
Fig Mt. Road West Descent9.45 mi3,091 ft-6.2%
bob's burgers2.57 mi902 ft-6.6%
Ranger Station DH fig rolling start4.96 mi1,772 ft-6.8%
Fast on Fig1.12 mi571 ft-9.6%
Fig Flats to Los Olivos6.66 mi499 ft-1.4%
Fig Mtn Rd, Neverland to North St5.08 mi361 ft-1.3%
Out Figureoa2.05 mi138 ft-1.3%
Last fast sprint to to the 1542.16 mi157 ft-1.4%
Los Olivos to Solvang via Ballard Cyn6.35 mi541 ft-0.9%
Ballard South to Solvang6.31 mi509 ft-1.1%
Ballard Canyon zig zag0.19 mi52 ft5.1%
Ballard Canyon Road Climb0.44 mi115 ft4.9%
Ballard Canyon corners up0.28 mi89 ft5.9%
Ballard Canyon Descent4.66 mi509 ft-2.0%
Ballard Decent towards Solvang0.27 mi92 ft-6.4%
Chalk Hill Sprint1.27 mi131 ft0.6%
Little Ballard Canyon hill0.40 mi121 ft5.7%
Top Chalk Hill to 2461.10 mi98 ft-1.6%
short uphill flyer0.27 mi39 ft-0.6%