Uwharrie Mountain Run - 40 Mile

Running Route

38.78 mi
6,794 ft
Created By
Bull City Running Company

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Uwharrie Trail (South): Jumping Off Rock TH to Tower Rd1.64 mi256 ft1.0%
State Road 1134 Climb0.44 mi256 ft10.9%
Uwharrie Trail (South): Tower Rd. to 109 TH6.09 mi-371 ft-0.1%
Ophir Rd Climb0.56 mi187 ft6.4%
Hunters Glen Climb0.34 mi141 ft7.7%
N Carolina 109 Climb0.53 mi187 ft6.7%
Uwharrie Trail (South): 109 Trailhead to Dusty Level Rd2.74 mi190 ft0.2%
Correll Road Climb0.46 mi131 ft5.4%
Correll Road Climb0.48 mi131 ft5.2%
Uwharrie 100 loop Section 53.09 mi203 ft0.1%
Uwharrie Trail (South): Dusty Level Rd to Dutchman's Creek3.18 mi203 ft0.1%
Dusty Level Rd Climb0.37 mi151 ft7.7%
Uwharrie 100 loop Section 6- Defeating Dennis2.49 mi-367 ft-1.9%
Uwharrie Trail (South): Dutchman's Creek to 24/27 Trailhead5.65 mi-358 ft-0.6%
Drop Off0.67 mi-269 ft-7.5%
River Rd Climb0.56 mi358 ft11.9%
Hallucination Hill 0.56 mi328 ft11.0%
Uwharrie 100 loop Section 7 - The roller coaster 2.99 mi207 ft0.7%
Dennis Drive Climb0.77 mi177 ft4.3%
2nd Half of Uwharrie 4019.68 mi-486 ft-0.0%
Uwharrie Trail (North): 24/27 Trailhead to Dutchman's Creek5.64 mi361 ft0.5%
Buckskin Lane Climb0.72 mi187 ft4.9%
River Rd Climb0.60 mi289 ft9.0%
Pine Lake Dr Climb0.64 mi272 ft8.1%
Uwharrie Trail (North): Dutchman's Creek to Dusty Level Rd3.22 mi-203 ft-0.1%
Uwharrie Trail (North): Dusty Level to Jumping Off Rock TH10.69 mi-430 ft-0.4%
Uwharrie Trail (North): Dusty Level Rd to Tower Rd8.70 mi-371 ft-0.0%
Correll Road Climb0.23 mi154 ft12.4%
North Carolina 109 Climb0.35 mi131 ft7.0%
Uwharrie Trail (North): 109 to Jumping Off Rock TH7.93 mi-430 ft-0.6%
Uwharrie Trail (North): 109 TH to Tower Rd.6.04 mi367 ft0.0%
Hunters Glen Climb0.40 mi131 ft6.3%
Hunters Glen Climb0.47 mi223 ft8.9%
Ophir Rd Climb0.48 mi171 ft6.7%
State Road 1134 Climb0.45 mi138 ft5.7%
State Road 1134 Climb0.36 mi200 ft10.4%
Uwharrie Trail (North): Tower Rd to Jumping Off Rock TH1.64 mi-256 ft-1.1%
State Road 1134 Climb0.40 mi190 ft8.8%