2023 Wompy WinterFest - Advanced

Cycling Route

13.78 mi
815 ft
Created By
Brian C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
N2 To N110.29 mi-13 ft-0.3%
Crushed Rock Climb0.19 mi46 ft4.3%
Boulder Dash Climb0.32 mi33 ft0.2%
Tear Down The Wall0.70 mi-49 ft-1.0%
Painted Bunker to Wildcat Pond0.32 mi-36 ft-2.1%
Highway to Root Staircase0.37 mi20 ft1.1%
C5 to C100.22 mi-52 ft-4.4%
C10 to E180.58 mi-46 ft-0.5%
Damn that was bumpy0.31 mi-16 ft-0.1%
Spicy McHaggis0.87 mi-26 ft-0.2%
Beer run 0.62 mi-39 ft-0.5%
Twist & Shout0.25 mi-16 ft-0.3%
Upper Yah Mon!0.19 mi-26 ft-0.7%
Upper YAH MON!0.21 mi-20 ft-0.5%
Fa Fa Fo Hi1.25 mi-36 ft-0.1%
Full Monty 0.60 mi33 ft0.2%
Fox Run0.45 mi-43 ft-0.4%
NN12 to NN70.50 mi16 ft0.1%
Into the Frying Pan0.45 mi59 ft2.2%
James Hill to Leavitt0.50 mi-23 ft-0.7%
James Hill Lane to NN10.91 mi-36 ft-0.7%
Part A Reverse0.38 mi-20 ft-0.8%