Killinchy GP

Cycling Route

10.63 mi
804 ft
Created By
Keith M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rollercoaster Road3.14 mi148 ft0.6%
The Six Twisted Sisters1.10 mi85 ft1.0%
KCC GP Lap10.46 mi167 ft0.0%
Burst then bust0.22 mi69 ft5.6%
Last leg of Kilcarn 0.66 mi43 ft0.8%
Wee climb after crossroads0.10 mi36 ft6.5%
bump after cross rds0.17 mi-16 ft-0.2%
School Gate Sprint0.22 mi-20 ft-1.7%
Derryboye Crossroads to Comber Road2.49 mi-56 ft-0.0%
Milkman's Hill0.23 mi26 ft2.2%
Derryboye - Balloo crossroads1.49 mi-56 ft-0.2%
Balloo Sprint for 30s0.52 mi-23 ft-0.5%