Day 3 R4R 2022- Bell to Bunya Mountains

Cycling Route

63.09 km
907 m
Created By
Jason Wyeth
February 19, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bun 2 Bunya turnoff3.49 km8 m0.2%
Bunya Mountain Road (South)32.28 km677 m2.1%
Bunya Climb 131.28 km677 m2.1%
Bunyas Dalby Approach9.93 km141 m1.4%
Bunya Mountains Rd (South)5.30 km413 m7.8%
I Must Have a Puncture.....6.08 km395 m6.5%
Bunya climb Full to camp ground road7.78 km411 m4.5%
Bunya Mountains (Dalby)4.49 km379 m8.4%
Cycos Bunya Mountains Hill Climb2.58 km251 m9.7%
Tour of Toowoomba - Bunya Mountain6.19 km402 m6.5%
Here we go1.51 km195 m12.9%
Final ascent South Mowbullah4.97 km183 m3.1%
Lot 18 Bunya Mountains Rd Climb1.38 km132 m9.5%
Bunya Climb0.93 km80 m8.6%
BunyaDopperoonie2.00 km50 m1.0%