Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
Past Two Weeks
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SFRC x HRC x Trail Sisters LS50 3/12 10 miles, 1700ft

Running Route

10.03 mi
1,698 ft
Created By
San Francisco Running Company

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
TN Vly Rd @ Marin to TN Vly Trailhead1.33 mi190 ft2.7%
Marin Ave to Oakwood Valley0.55 mi16 ft0.0%
Haypress Trail Climb0.76 mi177 ft4.4%
JB TVal Downhill0.74 mi-95 ft-2.4%
Tennessee Valley Launch0.25 mi-33 ft-2.3%
Tennessee Valley (Miwok to Coastal)1.18 mi-115 ft-1.7%
Chapparal Tr Climb0.20 mi207 ft18.9%
To Costal We Go1.57 mi489 ft5.0%
Take off0.90 mi499 ft10.1%
Coastal Trail (Tennessee Valley to Pirates Cove Trail)0.64 mi453 ft13.2%
Coastal (Tennessee Valley to Coastal Fire Road)2.15 mi453 ft2.6%
coastal white post hill sprint0.05 mi62 ft20.8%
Coastal (Tennessee Valley to Coyote Ridge)0.65 mi436 ft12.5%
Pirates Cove Trail - North1.47 mi-417 ft-2.0%
Coastal through Pirate's Cove Northbound1.42 mi-400 ft-1.8%
Coastal Fire Road to Pirates Cove 0.33 mi-390 ft-21.9%
Pirates Cove to Coastal Fire Road1.05 mi266 ft4.8%
Coastal Trail Climb0.25 mi141 ft10.4%
Coastal Fire Road (Pirates Cove Tr to Coyote Ridge Tr)0.87 mi486 ft10.5%
Coastal Fire (Coastal to Coyote Ridge)0.90 mi486 ft10.0%
Coyote Ridge (Miwok Cut-off to Summit)0.32 mi79 ft4.6%
Final Sprint to the top0.14 mi75 ft10.3%
Coyote Ridge (Summit to Miwok Cut-off)0.58 mi-190 ft-5.9%
Miwok Shortcut (Eastbound)0.28 mi-98 ft-6.5%
Miwok->shortcut->Tennessee Valley1.19 mi-558 ft-8.8%
Miwok Bump0.12 mi39 ft5.5%
Miwok Descent to Tenn Valley0.87 mi-509 ft-10.2%
Miwok - a decent descent0.81 mi-518 ft-12.1%
Rhubarb (Miwok to Oakwood Valley)0.67 mi-180 ft-4.8%
Downhill from TVall0.58 mi-118 ft-3.5%
Tennessee Valley Exit (Oakwood Valley -> Marin Ave)0.49 mi-20 ft-0.6%