CSC Grand Fondo 60

Cycling Route

64.17 km
1,423 m
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stu s
March 8, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sippy Downs Drive Hill0.81 km16 m1.0%
Wilson Road West1.25 km64 m5.1%
Wilsons 1st Climb1.95 km99 m5.1%
Franco’s way6.42 km107 m1.3%
Up, up and away2.67 km93 m3.3%
Eudlo School Rd Climb1.13 km93 m8.2%
Sunridge to Landershute Rd (Citrus Rd)1.72 km-64 m-3.5%
Make Cancellara proud0.93 km16 m0.8%
QRTS 2016 Palmwood State School to Montville 8km KOM7.77 km351 m4.3%
Hunchy Road to Barsons Road4.96 km192 m3.8%
TT - Palmwoods to base1.70 km16 m0.5%
Hunchy Rd 2 MacDonald Rd1.42 km23 m1.6%
2016 SC Cyclefest KOM7.30 km363 m4.9%
Montville KOM cyclefest6.90 km330 m4.8%
Climb to Kirby Rd.2.05 km121 m5.9%
BNECC Montville - Friday climb6.14 km342 m5.6%
Monteville Climb6.19 km338 m5.4%
Montville 1b0.80 km45 m5.5%
Montville - first half3.09 km177 m5.7%
REAL MONTVILLE 6.08 km328 m5.4%
SC Cyclefest KOM5.74 km320 m5.6%
Palmwoods Montville Rd Full Climb6.25 km336 m5.4%
Old Montville Climb: Old Surfboard to stop sign6.10 km328 m5.4%
-- Montville -- Driveway to 60 sign (NO GPS ERRORS)5.88 km320 m5.4%
Kirby efforts1.48 km91 m6.1%
Montville TT (original)6.11 km324 m5.3%
Montville climb5.93 km321 m5.4%
MacDonald Rd 2 Bend of 12341.81 km124 m6.8%
Maccas to Melons0.41 km48 m11.6%
Montville Rd Climb3.42 km244 m6.7%
Montville 1c0.31 km25 m7.9%
Montville 1d0.54 km41 m7.6%
12341.03 km57 m5.5%
Montville 1e0.43 km24 m5.5%
Kirby Road to Brads Corner3.03 km164 m5.4%
Montville 2a0.86 km47 m5.4%
one 2 two1.81 km88 m4.9%
Montville 2b0.41 km23 m5.6%
Palmwoods Montville Rd Climb0.86 km82 m9.3%
top half to go...2.89 km161 m5.6%
Montville 2c0.44 km15 m3.5%
Montville 3a0.33 km15 m4.5%
two 2 three0.89 km46 m5.1%
Montville 3b0.51 km27 m5.1%
Barsons Rd Climb1.61 km98 m6.0%
Montville 4a0.49 km30 m6.1%
After roadworks to Top1.28 km70 m5.5%
Montville 4b0.51 km26 m5.0%
Montville 4c0.39 km16 m4.1%
Western Avenue Climb0.34 km89 m26.2%