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5 Canyons Straight Shot

Cycling Route

25.6 mi
1,627 ft
Created By
Greg Hoole

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
94th S b/t 23rd & 31 E1.02 mi266 ft4.9%
Fox Hunt to Mt Jordan Climb 0.28 mi118 ft7.8%
Red Church to Wasatch0.45 mi69 ft2.9%
Wasatch Fishtail to Bengal4.36 mi-358 ft-0.6%
Little Cottonwood Rd.interval0.99 mi151 ft2.9%
LCC to 3900 South9.02 mi-587 ft-0.9%
210 Fork to Bengal Blvd 3.13 mi-344 ft-1.8%
LCC to 4500S7.97 mi-531 ft-1.0%
Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation North3.79 mi-456 ft-2.3%
dirty dirty sprint 20.70 mi-69 ft-1.4%
N LCC RD, all downhill section0.42 mi-161 ft-7.3%
Wasatch bound and down3.28 mi-282 ft-1.6%
3500 E-Wasatch to Big Cottonwood1.14 mi-102 ft-0.8%
Bengal Blvd to Wasatch Fork 1.72 mi-262 ft-2.6%
Mouth BC to 45th4.18 mi128 ft0.1%
BCC to Emi10.65 mi174 ft0.0%
BCC Mouth to Millcreek City Sign1.10 mi-102 ft-1.4%
Base of BCC to Foothill7.74 mi-200 ft-0.4%
Wasatch Sprint0.68 mi-33 ft-0.8%
Wasatch Blvd NorthBound5.09 mi180 ft0.5%
5k TT Fitness Test2.91 mi102 ft0.3%
Wasatch Blvd Interval North2.47 mi-66 ft-0.2%
Sprinter's Delight0.38 mi-33 ft-1.5%
Wasatch/Old Mill Sprint1.47 mi-30 ft-0.3%
wasatch - olympus trailhead0.89 mi-10 ft-0.1%
The hill that keeps on giving.1.52 mi177 ft2.2%
Grandeur Peak Sprint1.38 mi-59 ft-0.3%
MillcreekToEmigrationCreek5.03 mi154 ft0.2%
Commute Hill Finishing Sprint0.33 mi46 ft2.5%
Parley's crossing - flat0.71 mi-105 ft-0.5%
Commute on Wasatch North to U from Parleys5.03 mi-154 ft-0.1%
Parley´s Path full climb0.89 mi75 ft1.0%
Parley's Crossing North Bound Climb0.21 mi79 ft6.8%
Clinic to Emigration - BST2.41 mi154 ft0.9%
Foothill Dr1.14 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Bonneville Split0.71 mi144 ft3.8%
Golf Course Climb0.42 mi108 ft4.8%
Crestview Dr. Hill-climb Sprint0.14 mi-36 ft-4.4%
Zoo to U1.15 mi-121 ft-1.1%
Sunnyside Bump Sprint0.42 mi-43 ft-1.9%
Chipeta Way Climb - Arapeen to Wakara0.51 mi82 ft2.7%
Ft Douglas0.36 mi-0 ft-0.1%
Federal Heights ti 11th0.89 mi-128 ft-1.0%
Alta St Sprint0.10 mi46 ft8.3%
Alta/Federal Hghts to Shriners0.31 mi72 ft4.3%
Virginia To Capitol3.07 mi-259 ft-1.5%
11th Ave V-I1.02 mi-59 ft-0.8%
Terrace Hills to D Street0.86 mi-128 ft-2.8%
Get to the Trailhead, Now!0.55 mi-52 ft-1.5%
city creek canyon: toward capital1.36 mi-98 ft-1.4%