2022 Walmart Joe Martin Stage Race - Women Thur RR

Cycling Route

69.16 mi
4,800 ft
Strart/Finish in Fayetteville
Created By
Bruce Dunn
March 23, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
fay to hogeye jmsr route 10.88 mi305 ft-0.0%
Baum Stadium Farewell0.67 mi62 ft1.3%
Up, Over, and Down0.65 mi30 ft0.1%
Bridge back to Kesler0.23 mi16 ft1.3%
Full surge to Sonic2.44 mi203 ft0.9%
First climb after kessler1.32 mi213 ft3.0%
Greenland Hill0.49 mi151 ft5.8%
265 - Diagonal to the Mall 3.66 mi82 ft0.1%
S Hwy 265 Climb1.03 mi266 ft4.9%
Strickler 0.68 mi167 ft4.1%
Joe Martin TT - Downhill2.16 mi676 ft-5.9%
Devils den climb the switchback 2.33 mi630 ft4.0%
Bridge to Top of Switchbacks2.01 mi620 ft5.8%
741.75 mi600 ft6.5%
2016 Joe Martin Devils Den TT2.35 mi594 ft4.2%
Glory for those who went out too hard0.96 mi285 ft5.6%
JMSR climb1.79 mi633 ft6.7%
No Dragons Allowed!9.57 mi961 ft1.9%
Devils Den East 74 Vistor Center to Crest1.69 mi577 ft6.5%
The Visitors Center Devils Den Launch Pad 1.82 mi554 ft5.5%
JMSR TT Last 2 switchbacks0.50 mi194 ft7.3%
JMSR downhill0.47 mi138 ft-5.5%
JMSR end0.54 mi95 ft3.4%
Drag to Winslow9.08 mi436 ft0.7%
Winslow to West Fork TT11.14 mi308 ft-0.4%
West Fork Approach0.62 mi62 ft1.9%
West Fork 540 Overpass Climb to 1560.74 mi207 ft5.3%
Actual Overpass Climb0.53 mi220 ft7.7%
Full send - WF to 2654.71 mi338 ft-0.4%
Little Hump0.53 mi138 ft4.9%
Hogeye Decent2.00 mi328 ft-2.7%
Hogeye to Fay City Limit9.20 mi299 ft0.1%
The Shake 'n Bake!10.65 mi295 ft-0.1%
Sprint for Sonic0.73 mi102 ft2.7%
1.99 mi220 ft2.1%
Greenland Exit0.99 mi112 ft2.0%
Home Stretch to 5401.32 mi207 ft-2.9%
speed run 2.28 mi135 ft-1.0%
Over JPHH0.34 mi20 ft0.0%