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Cranko de Mayo - Demasiado Route

Cycling Route

46.08 mi
6,041 ft
Created By
Bob Kogut

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Main St Climb0.24 mi390 ft30.2%
Rolston Rd0.93 mi400 ft8.1%
common rd (s to n)2.49 mi-253 ft-1.3%
brook to the common1.47 mi-184 ft-1.5%
Carey Strong Rd Climb1.17 mi351 ft5.7%
Airport Road - 100 to Bertha Springs0.60 mi118 ft3.7%
Carey Strong Rd Climb1.18 mi354 ft5.6%
Ctr. Fayston/Randell to Top of Kew1.73 mi479 ft5.2%
Kew Vasseur Rd Climb0.40 mi289 ft13.5%
9 down0.76 mi-456 ft-11.4%
Marble Hill Rd Climb1.20 mi584 ft9.2%
first bit 'o Marble Hill0.24 mi177 ft13.7%
Marble Hill Rd climb (no trail)1.02 mi548 ft10.1%
Marble Hill Pavé0.67 mi102 ft1.9%
golf course rd from sugarbush access rd1.45 mi220 ft0.2%
GCR Climb to Clubhouse0.57 mi207 ft6.3%
Stony Hill Road Climb0.71 mi279 ft7.4%
West Hill descent0.70 mi-335 ft-9.0%
fuller: village to plunkton2.76 mi843 ft3.6%
Fuller Hill from Main Street to Fuller Farm Road1.83 mi830 ft8.6%
Fuller Hill (climb only)1.24 mi686 ft10.5%
Fuller Hill Rd Climb (other version in Strava included main st)1.80 mi804 ft8.5%
Fuller hill white colonial to fuller farm1.73 mi774 ft8.4%
FullerHillEnd0.37 mi167 ft8.5%
Chatfield up from the stream1.29 mi220 ft3.2%
Prickley Mt. Dirt Rd Descent0.87 mi-371 ft-8.0%
Senor Rd from Fuller1.34 mi157 ft1.6%
Cider hill up0.70 mi253 ft6.8%
Cider Hill Class IV DH0.37 mi-82 ft-3.9%
eterniTT0.45 mi131 ft4.7%
Brook Road Blast1.39 mi-407 ft-5.4%