Pine Flat Long

Cycling Route

42.57 mi
3,801 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Juan Tomas 337 to 2176.35 mi482 ft0.4%
Juan Thomas dirt to dirt East2.74 mi-299 ft-0.5%
Dirty Panza5.00 mi-335 ft-0.5%
Juan Tomas Final Pavement2.24 mi-190 ft-0.3%
Juan Tomas ball buster0.31 mi151 ft9.0%
Barton Express3.84 mi-246 ft-1.1%
Dirty Barton Northbound1.94 mi-161 ft-1.0%
Barton dirt northbound1.29 mi-161 ft-2.3%
Sedillo Rd, NM217 to top of hill1.57 mi154 ft1.6%
Sedillo east to west4.83 mi-397 ft-0.9%
Sedillo Gravel Sectors2.95 mi-338 ft-2.1%
Kennedy Climb0.23 mi92 ft7.3%
Let's Go Exploring1.56 mi312 ft3.8%
Lone Pine forest road uphill4.19 mi617 ft2.7%
Gwon Up1.46 mi262 ft3.2%
QQ5: Dirt to Clearing1.34 mi236 ft3.2%
Mahogany - Heading South to oak flats2.77 mi164 ft1.1%
Another Juan To Pokerchip1.13 mi46 ft0.7%
Matchbox Kicker 0.18 mi43 ft4.3%
McGuiness Down!1.22 mi-207 ft-3.2%
Race Climb1.23 mi236 ft3.5%
Tree Burner0.56 mi125 ft4.2%
Smooth Race Suffering0.81 mi115 ft2.7%
QQ13 Southern Crossing to Deadman1.56 mi-200 ft-2.4%
Deadman- Sign to Pine Flat Connector0.95 mi-148 ft-2.9%
deadman DH0.31 mi-49 ft-3.0%
Deadman Down0.50 mi-115 ft-4.3%