Big Bovine (Classic Direction)

Cycling Route

101.28 mi
8,924 ft
Includes: Kiler, Klau, Cypress, SRR, Moss, Rocky Cyn, Akron, Black Hawk
Created By
Bryan Y
April 25, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rocky Canyon Rd.3.49 mi174 ft0.2%
Jabberwocky Hill0.33 mi92 ft5.1%
Rocky Canyon Finish1.17 mi112 ft-1.8%
Riding up closed part of Rocky Canyon Road0.78 mi112 ft2.7%
Rocky Canyon Trail Climb2.99 mi640 ft3.8%
Rocky Canyon-Halcon to 2295.79 mi640 ft0.9%
Rocky Canyon Climb1.08 mi364 ft6.4%
Single track and road to top, whole climb1.80 mi456 ft4.7%
Rocky Canyon Climb - Three Amigos0.93 mi351 ft7.1%
Rocky Canyon - Singletrack climb0.92 mi354 ft7.3%
Trail Head to Final Bump0.92 mi338 ft7.0%
Rocky Canyon Climb w/ Bridges0.94 mi341 ft6.9%
Take it to the top.1.33 mi384 ft5.4%
Rocky Canyon Climb from Drop In0.87 mi354 ft7.6%
Rocky Canyon Climb to Drop-in0.76 mi289 ft7.2%
Climb Up (useful for repeat runs)0.87 mi335 ft7.2%
Rocky Bridge to Ridge (for laps)0.70 mi285 ft7.7%
Down Rocky Canyon Road to the 2293.27 mi348 ft-1.3%
rocky to Creston via 229 gap3.50 mi102 ft-0.6%
229 Creston sprint0.37 mi20 ft-1.0%
Webster Rd. - Creston store to 411.11 mi26 ft-0.5%
Cripple Crk - 41 to El Pomar0.91 mi59 ft-1.2%
El Pomar Rollers West2.87 mi128 ft0.2%
Akron - Spring Creek to Short Ct0.39 mi200 ft8.5%
Akron Pave1.38 mi194 ft1.1%
Pomar Climb Sprint0.76 mi125 ft2.7%
S El Pomar Rd descent0.42 mi154 ft-6.7%
Black & Blue1.04 mi131 ft-1.2%
Rolling A Ranch Dash0.41 mi26 ft-0.6%
Hwy 41 Bridge Sprint0.58 mi39 ft-0.1%
AMWC road north1.04 mi23 ft-0.4%
AMWC Sprint0.34 mi20 ft-1.1%
EI Joao!2.40 mi26 ft-0.2%
Sandy out and back0.64 mi26 ft0.2%
Traffic Way - Chico to Via1.32 mi43 ft0.4%