EMGBL - East Half

Cycling Route

191.07 mi
15,970 ft
Eastern Half of the the Endless Mountains Gravel Bikepacking Loop.
Created By
Endless Mountains Heritage Region
May 4, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sugar Run Fun1.84 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Race you to the School!0.65 mi26 ft0.7%
T465 Climb0.86 mi289 ft6.3%
Herrickville to CC Allis2.09 mi-292 ft-2.1%
NEB to Leraysville Climb2.55 mi318 ft2.4%
East Street0.50 mi318 ft11.9%
North Road Climb #30.52 mi138 ft5.0%
Woods Road Climb0.64 mi266 ft7.8%
D&H Stephens Point to Starrucca5.25 mi361 ft1.3%
Buck Falls Southbound0.29 mi82 ft5.2%
D&H Trail: Thompson to Stack Road1.29 mi56 ft0.8%
D&H Ararat to Tower Hill2.94 mi-148 ft-0.9%
Ararat to Herrick Center5.87 mi-262 ft-0.8%
D&H Tower Hill - Fiddle Lake0.68 mi-23 ft-0.6%
D&H Fiddle Lake - Herrick Center3.30 mi-141 ft-0.8%
B trail 171 to forest city1.27 mi-66 ft-0.8%
Dundaff climb1.46 mi469 ft6.1%
Elkview Dr Climb0.95 mi338 ft6.7%
407 on 92 to 114.79 mi-112 ft-0.3%
Nichol-son Back .....with no squigly parking lot stuff)3.74 mi-56 ft-0.1%
Nicholson to Tunnel Hill Rd5.66 mi-121 ft-0.3%
1017 to W Avery Sta. Rd5.41 mi-121 ft-0.1%
rt 6 to lake carey2.07 mi289 ft2.6%
The lake is on the left1.47 mi16 ft0.0%
Back Side of Lake0.71 mi56 ft1.2%
lakewood rd climb1.33 mi223 ft3.1%
Firehouse Hill Rd.Climb1.31 mi509 ft7.3%
Fire House Rd Climb1.18 mi404 ft6.4%
from procter0.18 mi-13 ft-1.2%
Dandy Up Nimble Rollers2.91 mi466 ft3.0%
Nimble Road Climb0.94 mi325 ft6.5%
The Wall 1 & 20.56 mi197 ft6.6%