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Howgills T26

Running Route

26.2 mi
4,264 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Howgill Lane through Lockbank Farm to gate0.37 mi115 ft5.7%
winder north west ridge1.41 mi1,033 ft13.8%
Lockbank Farm to The Calf4.10 mi1,703 ft7.9%
Lockbank Farm to Winder1.12 mi925 ft15.6%
Lockbank Farm climb to the first stream0.43 mi331 ft13.8%
Winder to Arant Haw East1.39 mi509 ft4.7%
Winder to the Calf2.86 mi764 ft4.6%
Conquer the Calf with Mountain Run (Trail26 Howgills)2.81 mi761 ft4.6%
Winder saddle to East of Arant Haw0.90 mi476 ft10.0%
Climb up Calders (from the Arant Haw path)1.45 mi558 ft7.2%
calders only climb0.39 mi341 ft16.0%
Calders to The Calf0.70 mi105 ft1.3%
Last up to Calf0.19 mi89 ft8.7%
Descent from Calf towards the top of Cautley Spout0.63 mi-223 ft-6.2%
The Calf down Bowerdale Beck5.45 mi-1,401 ft-4.8%
Nic's Nordic Walks Bowderdale Beck Blast (Trail 26 Howgills)1.34 mi-79 ft-1.1%
Church Gate Climb0.96 mi200 ft3.9%
Ravenstonedale to top of climb2.19 mi502 ft4.3%
Townhead Ln Climb1.48 mi364 ft4.7%
B%stard Hill0.52 mi112 ft4.0%
Climb out of Artlegarth lodges1.14 mi400 ft6.6%
Down to Cautley bridge3.28 mi-735 ft-4.2%
Cautley to A683 bridge3.45 mi-358 ft-1.1%
Cp2 to Hell hill2.86 mi-240 ft-0.7%
Bridge To Farm1.90 mi-164 ft-0.3%
Low Haygarth Bridge to high point0.87 mi157 ft3.2%
Path from Cautley high point to Pratts Farm1.89 mi-272 ft-2.7%
Pratts Farm down to Straight bridge0.29 mi-62 ft-4.1%
Straight Bridge 3k time trial back0.94 mi-33 ft-0.1%
Straight Bridge to Thornsbank0.78 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Castlehaw Lane to field gate0.17 mi85 ft9.3%
Last gate to fell wall0.16 mi157 ft18.4%
Winder Fell Wall0.56 mi-203 ft-6.9%
Gate through Lockbank Farm along Howgill Lane to park entrance0.38 mi-118 ft-5.6%