Past Week

Kingdom 36miles

Cycling Route

35.87 mi
2,644 ft
Nice route to Kingdom
Created By
Russell Hicks

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Barrow Blast Reverse TT1.23 mi56 ft0.6%
Tandridge Lane climb -south bound0.44 mi43 ft1.5%
Tandridge1.18 mi-171 ft-1.9%
Tandridge Lane Downhill Section0.50 mi-144 ft-5.4%
1 mile blast to the lights1.01 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Tandridge lane kick0.30 mi30 ft1.6%
Crowhurst Lane End to Gibbs Brook Lane0.59 mi33 ft0.9%
Crowhurst Lane & Road2.82 mi-102 ft-0.5%
Crowhurst Lane Bump0.56 mi-33 ft-0.3%
Up to the church from the North0.28 mi23 ft1.3%
Crowhurst double tap0.81 mi52 ft0.5%
Pikes Peak0.39 mi39 ft1.9%
Station Road0.86 mi16 ft0.3%
Dormans Road0.29 mi69 ft4.5%
Hollow Lane0.56 mi154 ft5.2%
Hollow Hill1.66 mi217 ft2.4%
Mutton hollow0.86 mi72 ft1.2%
Hollow Lane Down0.78 mi-131 ft-3.0%
Smithers / Furnace Lane2.04 mi-95 ft-0.6%
Up to Cowden 0.39 mi62 ft2.9%
Holtye Hill to B20260.85 mi85 ft1.9%
GERT' YOU COW-den0.31 mi92 ft5.6%
Bassetts Lane full climb0.63 mi157 ft4.6%
Bassetts Lane Kick0.26 mi121 ft8.8%
Top Hill main descent0.55 mi-167 ft-5.2%
Groving to the Rock2.17 mi308 ft2.7%
Grove Hill0.79 mi226 ft5.3%
grove rd to oakenden lane0.64 mi75 ft2.1%
Up to the Rock0.76 mi128 ft3.1%
Chiddingstone H to Chiddingstone1.89 mi-295 ft-1.7%
A Weller deserved rest 1.15 mi-200 ft-3.2%
Through Chid Downhill2.69 mi-226 ft-1.3%
ramp to larkins brewery0.18 mi46 ft4.8%
Descent from Larkins0.41 mi-92 ft-3.8%
Larkins down & up II0.81 mi-95 ft-1.3%
Bridge Sprint North0.22 mi-20 ft-1.4%
Ramp after Larkins0.29 mi26 ft1.3%
Bough Beech short climb0.25 mi52 ft4.1%
Clinton Climb1.04 mi59 ft0.8%
Four Elms (to finish Dennettsland Rd)1.74 mi82 ft0.9%
Undercover push b4 Crockham0.16 mi26 ft2.9%
Dennets Dash0.27 mi36 ft0.9%
Dairy Lane1.06 mi-62 ft-0.3%
Twist and Shout1.92 mi-62 ft-0.4%
Short Lane (only) Smash0.18 mi33 ft3.2%
Oast Road0.37 mi13 ft0.1%
East Hill Climb0.21 mi39 ft3.4%
station road east0.29 mi-39 ft-0.9%
Station Road East Climb0.25 mi26 ft1.7%
Final run to Neros0.19 mi23 ft1.4%