Past Month

Destiny Dozen: Start/End @2nd Cycle. Full Route. 5 June 2022

Cycling Route

39.65 mi
3,833 ft
Note that you stay on the Scott Pearson Trail for its entire length. Also note possible adventure options (not shown on the Strava map); see description in the narrative you were provided.
Created By
Christopher J

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tacoma Roubaix0.49 mi-105 ft-4.0%
N 29th Climb0.36 mi217 ft11.2%
N 30th to McCarver Hill0.42 mi-236 ft-10.6%
Carr Street, North 30th to Yakima0.43 mi207 ft9.0%
Carr St, N Tacoma Ave to Yakima0.13 mi115 ft15.5%
North 36th 0.48 mi269 ft10.4%
N 36th - the hard part0.36 mi259 ft13.6%
Roundabout to 49th Baltimore Climb0.25 mi135 ft9.8%
Unicorn Hill (must drink a beer when you get to top)0.25 mi131 ft9.6%
Point D sprint to the Fort3.71 mi236 ft1.1%
Zoolander0.54 mi59 ft2.1%
Pt Defiance 3mi interval segment-A (main road)3.03 mi190 ft1.2%
The Only Point D Segment That Matters3.27 mi226 ft1.3%
Point Defiance Park KOM3.18 mi243 ft1.4%
Rhody Garden Climb0.58 mi125 ft3.5%
Point D. 3 mile TT2.97 mi203 ft1.2%
Owen Beach Bypass on Five Mile Drive0.30 mi98 ft6.0%
FC2.66 mi194 ft1.4%
No Cars After 2 PM2.26 mi108 ft0.4%
weeeeeeeeee0.39 mi-52 ft-1.3%
Uphill before Vashon viewpoint0.19 mi30 ft2.5%
uphill before Vashon viewpoint0.24 mi30 ft2.0%
Around "Cape Defiance"0.60 mi-52 ft-1.2%
Give it all you got!1.07 mi148 ft2.6%
Point D. Back Side Climb0.68 mi98 ft2.7%
Fort Sprint0.19 mi43 ft4.1%
Roller Coaster + Lexington Climb0.63 mi151 ft3.7%
Roller Coaster + The Whole Lexington1.06 mi187 ft2.8%
Lexington Climb0.25 mi112 ft8.2%
The Full Lexington0.70 mi154 ft4.1%
No Sh*t, Shirley0.15 mi62 ft7.5%
braaaap0.29 mi49 ft3.1%
Team Sky_line 0.38 mi10 ft0.1%
6th to Mountain View Drop0.35 mi-131 ft-6.9%
Descent down Titlow1.09 mi-308 ft-5.3%
S 19th- Grandview to Bridgeport0.59 mi243 ft7.7%
Crystal Springs to Jackson (just before the light)0.47 mi226 ft8.9%
Down 27th0.62 mi-118 ft-3.6%
titlow to fairview0.86 mi276 ft6.1%
Titlow to Jackson (before the %$#& light)0.86 mi285 ft6.3%
Titlow to 6th Ave / Jackson Ave0.85 mi295 ft6.6%
Titlow: lower part to Locust0.35 mi125 ft6.6%
Mountain View to Jackson Climb0.34 mi125 ft6.9%
Scott Pierson Skyline - Sprague4.37 mi108 ft0.1%
Home stretch0.65 mi33 ft0.7%
Bike Path0.76 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Scott Pierson 19th to Union1.26 mi-56 ft-0.1%
Fairbanks Street Hill0.21 mi157 ft13.5%
Delin Street Hill Bomb0.32 mi-131 ft-7.3%
27th to 17th0.70 mi20 ft0.5%