West Leeds 50 2022

Running Route

50.56 km
940 m
Final Route Decision from St John's Community Church, Greengates
Created By
Adam Nodwell 🦉
May 19, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ravenscliffe Wood climb1.82 km54 m3.0%
Bill, Round Ravencliffe climb1.51 km47 m3.1%
Roundwood Ave Climb0.96 km42 m4.4%
Down Daleside up Wind1.16 km24 m-0.5%
Down up Down up to Pudsey2.38 km49 m0.1%
Wildgrove climb0.28 km17 m6.1%
Down to the Donkeys0.46 km38 m-7.9%
Bottom of Gib to Fox and Grapes0.63 km34 m5.1%
Smalewell to Roker via river3.67 km93 m-2.5%
Railway House to lower Bank House1.63 km50 m-3.0%
Scholebrook to Troydale3.51 km28 m-0.8%
Scholebrook bottom to Bankhouse bottom0.68 km4 m-0.6%
Follow the stream1.99 km22 m-0.8%
Roker Lane > Troydale0.94 km9 m-0.9%
Post Hill Cobbles0.13 km35 m25.2%
Post Hill Climb0.12 km63 m51.0%
Up the fields to Roker0.56 km46 m8.2%
Valley Road Climb0.82 km50 m6.0%
Hogwarts Express0.80 km9 m0.6%
Nesbit Hall to Greentop0.50 km29 m4.0%
Smalewell to donkeys0.59 km26 m-4.2%
Tyersal Beck Climb0.30 km28 m9.2%
Down Wild Up Daleside1.15 km24 m0.5%
Watch out for those rabbit holes0.47 km37 m-7.8%
shell lane0.94 km25 m-1.8%
Shell Lane to Woodhall Rd1.14 km28 m-1.7%
Thornhill Drive heading west1.19 km41 m-3.3%
Playing Fields to Underwood Drive2.17 km10 m0.0%
Underwood Drive to Bridge1.40 km6 m0.1%
Up from the river to railway crossing (Newlaithes) 0.49 km12 m1.2%
Bridge to Newlaithes junction0.16 km14 m8.5%
Curse of the beer belly0.58 km46 m8.0%
Fear of water0.23 km25 m10.7%
Full steps - Bottom to Top0.16 km20 m11.7%
Rose Terrace climb0.18 km11 m5.8%
Blast through the park0.29 km11 m3.7%
Hall Road to Hunger Hills Woods0.49 km51 m10.4%
Hungerhills Wood Climb0.26 km27 m10.2%
wave to Steve 0.34 km3 m-0.6%
ZMojcZg89t (E)0.62 km25 m-0.9%
The Billing Climb - Layton Avenue to the Trig Point 0.62 km29 m4.6%
G3RWzpT19Z (E)0.78 km35 m-4.5%
One of Martin's pointless hills0.44 km15 m-0.7%
Will's Gill1.17 km47 m-4.0%
Dash through the ginnels0.46 km5 m0.1%
Down the field0.37 km22 m-4.7%
Along Belmont Woods0.84 km23 m-2.7%
Nun Wood Dash1.13 km9 m0.0%
Tunnel on the left to Apperley Lane0.76 km11 m-0.6%
Greengates climb: canal to Valley View Drive0.23 km17 m7.3%