LTC Wednesday Night Laps

Cycling Route

53.11 km
326 m
Created By
Ronan Costelloe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Daly's Cross to top of Gooig Hill1.67 km15 m0.8%
Daly's Cross>Birdhill7.22 km-21 m-0.0%
Gooig to Ballyhane2.38 km6 m0.2%
Birdhill To O'Briens Bridge4.40 km-25 m-0.1%
Birdhill-O'Brians bridge0.73 km25 m3.3%
Coosane climb1.38 km27 m1.8%
Montpelier to Castleconnell straight1.79 km-2 m-0.1%
Up to the cross rd1.05 km7 m0.6%