LTC 90km NW Route

Cycling Route

89.51 km
567 m
Created By
Ronan Costelloe

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dublin Rd1.30 km-12 m-0.2%
Finnegans to Broadford22.33 km69 m0.1%
Lisnagry climb0.74 km16 m2.1%
Castleconnell Roundabout>Belmont Road2.79 km-13 m-0.3%
Level Crossing to Daly's Cross2.39 km10 m0.3%
Wood Road to Belmont 0.93 km-4 m-0.4%
Castleconnell to Montpelier4.34 km-11 m-0.2%
Castleconnell turn to Montpelier3.34 km-9 m-0.1%
O'Briensbridge X 2 Broadford11.97 km54 m0.0%
O,Briensbridge to Broadford 1212.12 km58 m0.0%
balyquinn drag1.79 km43 m2.2%
Full Gas to the Valley!0.92 km-31 m-3.2%
Glenomra Valley6.30 km-26 m-0.3%
Run into Broadford3.79 km-14 m-0.4%
Broadford to Bodyke9.82 km59 m0.2%
Broadford to Tulla22.18 km58 m0.0%
Bodyke Rd Climb1.42 km42 m2.6%
Bodyke to Tulla main road12.08 km-36 m-0.1%
Flying to Bridget4.09 km-31 m-0.4%
feakle to olimpus4.45 km21 m0.3%
Tulla crossroads to Sixmilebridge14.79 km-40 m-0.2%
Tulla Xroads to Kilkishen6.50 km-18 m-0.1%
Tulla X to SMB14.57 km-37 m-0.2%
Smooth Road4.62 km-16 m-0.0%
kilkishen to kilmurry4.60 km16 m0.2%
5k to sixmilebridge4.50 km-35 m-0.5%
Kilmurray to SMB3.64 km-37 m-0.7%
Mountcashel2.23 km-37 m-1.4%
Sixmilebridge 5km sprint!5.03 km27 m0.4%
Sixmilebridge to Cratloe Cross5.31 km28 m0.4%
smb - school4.70 km26 m0.5%
Leaving the bridge2.36 km13 m0.5%
L31120.58 km-6 m-0.9%
4 roundabouts to greenhills3.04 km-7 m-0.2%
Don't Mind the Hard Shoulder2.04 km-2 m-0.0%
Limerick Tri-Club Sprint0.60 km-4 m-0.3%
Greenhills dash0.41 km-2 m-0.5%
LIT Hill (No Lights or Roundabout)0.88 km9 m1.0%
Long Pavement Sprint1.99 km4 m0.1%
Up to Browne's Pub0.51 km14 m1.9%
Brownes to O Connors1.00 km10 m0.0%
500m Parteen uphill sprint to crest before O'Connor's Cross0.49 km9 m1.9%
Gillogue Road2.06 km-9 m-0.1%
Larkins1.55 km-13 m-0.6%
Into UL0.52 km-1 m0.0%
Dromroe0.57 km-3 m-0.5%
To UL running track0.90 km9 m1.0%
Campus Sprint0.60 km6 m0.8%
UL0.47 km2 m0.5%