Bollington Bikefest Grimshaw Grueller

Cycling Route

114.33 km
2,757 m
Ride the original Grimshaw Grueller 114km route, are you king of the Cheshire Hills? This is a really tough one for club cyclists and accomplished riders.
Created By
Simon Spurrell 🇬🇧

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crown to Bull's Head0.88 km35 m3.8%
Lord Street Climb0.38 km32 m7.7%
The Crown to Lidgetts2.38 km89 m3.5%
Up Lord Street (steep section)0.14 km18 m12.6%
Windmill Lane Climb1.48 km47 m3.0%
Windmill Lane2.06 km69 m3.4%
Redway Ln Climb0.17 km4 m0.2%
Lidgetts Uncut0.91 km30 m1.9%
Lidgetts DH0.43 km-41 m-9.6%
DM04 Stretch to Walker Barn0.89 km32 m3.6%
Speed Trap!0.42 km-28 m-6.7%
Run Rabbit Run0.33 km-7 m-2.2%
Steep bit0.34 km31 m8.9%
Meerbrook to Peak Pursuits0.74 km5 m0.5%
Rudyard-Biddulph Moor4.72 km150 m3.2%
Biddulph Moor OFFICIAL Midlands Climbs2.04 km125 m6.1%
A54 descent1.36 km-91 m-6.7%
Axe Edge cheat1.52 km51 m3.1%
Downhill Blast1.74 km-92 m-5.3%
St John's straight0.53 km-17 m-3.2%
Buxton Uni to Goyt's Lane3.05 km122 m3.9%
Cavendish climb0.68 km38 m5.6%
Half Long Hill from Buxton1.99 km76 m3.8%
Goyt's Lane Cattle Grid to Derbyshire Bridge Grid7.04 km-156 m-0.0%
Goyt's Ln decent (top)0.70 km-51 m-7.2%
In't Goyt1.50 km-169 m-11.1%
The Goyt Drag and Drop0.60 km-66 m-10.9%
Dambuster0.27 km14 m2.9%
Loves big ring 0.30 km18 m5.7%
Street Trap0.67 km-15 m-1.5%
Goyt Valley Bridge to Cat5.63 km239 m4.2%
Short climb to cattle grid2.83 km86 m3.0%
Final corner up to just before the cattle grid0.53 km22 m4.1%
nearly there 0.32 km14 m4.2%
Derbyshire Bridge To A5371.53 km88 m5.7%
Front Bottom Goat Scream0.21 km5 m2.5%
Cat downhill watch that wind4.31 km-104 m-2.3%
Just when you thought . . .0.44 km9 m1.9%
The (Long) Lost Lamb1.41 km-92 m-6.3%
North up Hooleyhey Lane1.42 km33 m2.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No171 Pym Chair1.45 km158 m10.8%
Eh Up Jenkins0.30 km28 m8.5%
Pyms Prt II 0.56 km82 m14.6%
Kettleshulme Climb2.02 km108 m4.2%
Brickworks from Kettleshulme side2.09 km130 m5.8%
Max Power0.34 km34 m9.9%
Bakestonedale road0.34 km12 m2.1%
Brickworks Full Descent3.08 km-171 m-5.6%
Push It!0.37 km-15 m-3.9%
Brickworks S Bends To Where Farmer Who RAMMED Me0.31 km-40 m-12.6%