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Bike Summit Road Ride

Cycling Route

25.51 mi
1,045 ft
Created By
William Rhatigan

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
cabrillo bridge east0.35 mi-13 ft-0.8%
Cabrillo Bridge Sprint0.18 mi-98 ft-0.6%
Down Laurel 1st to Fwy Bridge0.38 mi-171 ft-6.6%
Well that got the blood pumping!0.20 mi-13 ft-1.3%
Road Pizza Sprint0.38 mi-13 ft-0.4%
Final effort1.52 mi-33 ft-0.1%
A.S.F.Y.L (West bound)0.07 mi0 ft0.0%
SPRINT OVER THE BRIDGE0.78 mi-26 ft-0.0%
Late to work!0.36 mi13 ft0.4%
canon ascent from rosecrans to del mar0.66 mi49 ft1.3%
Canon and Catalina ascent2.07 mi341 ft3.1%
Canon to Cabrillo Monument3.97 mi377 ft1.6%
Canon Ascent without having to run the stop light at Talbot at get hit by car.1.06 mi200 ft3.6%
canon !1.15 mi203 ft3.3%
Cañon single track up0.56 mi85 ft2.8%
Jennings to Electron0.74 mi115 ft3.0%
Catalina>Gaurdshack5.99 mi-141 ft-0.0%
How motivated are you?0.23 mi59 ft4.9%
Point Loma from Electron to Guard shack2.11 mi-66 ft-0.2%
Monument Gate Sprint South 0.23 mi7 ft0.2%
Point Loma: Guard Shack to Voltaire4.82 mi-331 ft-1.1%
Point Loma from guardshack to electron dr2.00 mi66 ft0.3%
Roller Sprint North on Cabrillo Memorial0.56 mi46 ft0.9%
Monument Gate Sprint North0.18 mi30 ft2.7%
McClelland to Transdec Rd (Firehouse Climb) 0.25 mi69 ft5.1%
Firehouse Kicker to the Finish Gate0.62 mi66 ft1.4%
Cabrillo Sprint Finish0.33 mi-16 ft-0.8%
down catalina0.91 mi-121 ft-2.5%
TK's Catalina Descent0.99 mi-128 ft-2.4%
Down Catalina to Voltaire2.67 mi-315 ft-2.2%
Catalina Sprint down0.61 mi-98 ft-3.0%
Make the Light0.19 mi10 ft0.7%
Point Loma Fire House Sprint!!!0.45 mi-36 ft-1.5%
Catalina Descent1.07 mi-148 ft-2.6%
School Zone Sprint0.18 mi-10 ft-1.0%
Catalina Narragansett Sprint0.30 mi-49 ft-3.1%
Voltaire Hill Sprint0.16 mi23 ft2.7%
Robb Field Sprint East0.94 mi7 ft0.1%
Sunset Cliffs to W Mission Bridge Sprint0.58 mi10 ft0.3%
San Diego River Sprint1.70 mi10 ft0.1%
OB Path - 1st Bridge back to Old Town1.16 mi-16 ft-0.1%
CHP Sprint0.27 mi-16 ft-1.1%
Presidio-Full Version1.03 mi259 ft4.7%
Presidio Climb0.43 mi141 ft6.1%
Presido start - Stop sign to Parking lot0.13 mi72 ft9.7%
Presidio-Lot to Cosoy 0.15 mi62 ft7.3%
Presidio Short Sprint - After Cosoy0.22 mi56 ft4.8%
Raid on Ft. Stockton1.00 mi13 ft0.0%
University Bend - East0.27 mi16 ft1.2%
4th Umpas to Laurel0.63 mi-39 ft-1.2%