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TNR - Reddish Knob

Cycling Route

53.18 mi
4,658 ft
Created By
Kyle Lawrence
May 31, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
dash to daytoon1.30 mi-39 ft-0.5%
Silver Creek Climb0.20 mi75 ft6.8%
Full Spring Creek West1.77 mi98 ft0.1%
Reddish Knob Climb Complete - 731 Community Center Rd. & 257 Briery Branch Rd. to Spur Parking Lot11.88 mi2,815 ft4.5%
To the Reservoir5.18 mi735 ft2.7%
Prostate Cancer Awareness Project Reddish Knob Challenge11.82 mi2,900 ft4.6%
The Branch to Tilghman2.89 mi236 ft1.5%
Brierly Branch to Saddle9.50 mi2,201 ft4.4%
'87 Reddish Knob Hill Climb Mass Start at the Bridge (49:58 for 4th, 1st Place was 46:10 Craig Mauck, Bill McCarrick 2nd, 46:34)9.58 mi2,730 ft5.4%
Tilghman rd to Marker 63.04 mi423 ft2.6%
Official Reddish Knob ITT9.02 mi2,543 ft5.3%
Tilghman to Saddle6.72 mi1,959 ft5.5%
The enemy of my enemy is my friend18.04 mi-2,657 ft-0.0%
Branch Lake Climb2.38 mi331 ft2.6%
Reddish Knob from the turn8.94 mi2,635 ft5.6%
Briery Branch Rd Climb1.70 mi302 ft3.4%
Briery Branch Road Climb1.01 mi282 ft5.3%
Reddish Knob Road CLimb6.67 mi2,362 ft6.7%
Reddish Knob Ascent (Reservoir to State Line Turn)4.32 mi1,699 ft7.4%
Reddish Knob Ascent (Reservoir to Summit)6.64 mi2,382 ft6.8%
Mines Creek Bridge to Briery Branch Gap3.95 mi1,637 ft7.8%
Briery Branch Gap East.3.93 mi1,558 ft7.5%
Reddish Knob ITT steep segment4.71 mi1,854 ft7.4%
Reddish Knob6.21 mi2,310 ft7.0%
Briery Branch Rd Steep 3.90 mi1,552 ft7.5%
Marker 6 to Marker 51.07 mi384 ft6.7%
Briery Branch Road Climb0.88 mi315 ft6.8%
Marker 5 to Marker 42.11 mi860 ft7.7%
Briery Branch Rd Climb1.54 mi659 ft8.1%
Almost There1.45 mi699 ft9.1%
Marker 3 to Marker 21.05 mi456 ft8.2%
Reddish Knob Ascent (State Line Turn to Summit)2.31 mi692 ft5.6%
The final leg2.39 mi686 ft5.4%
Marker 2 to Marker 10.94 mi180 ft3.5%
Final 2 KM 1.23 mi479 ft7.4%
Forest Road 85 Climb0.65 mi289 ft8.3%
Reddish Knob Descent6.29 mi-2,254 ft-6.8%
The Reddish Knob Descent11.86 mi-2,979 ft-4.8%
Reddish Knob Saddle Descent3.95 mi-1,598 ft-7.6%
Mines ride3.63 mi-1,516 ft-7.9%
Mines Run to the Damn Dam0.42 mi13 ft0.1%
Reddish Knob Descent (Reservoir to Community Center Rd.)5.13 mi-551 ft-2.0%
Tilghman to the Branch2.75 mi-105 ft-0.7%
Reddish Knob Descent (Daniel Cupp Rd. to Countryside Dr.)6.50 mi-259 ft-0.8%
Briery Branch Road Climb1.07 mi272 ft4.8%
257 TT5.67 mi-180 ft-0.3%
Dayton Descent1.02 mi-89 ft-1.7%
Almost home1.64 mi75 ft0.9%
Toppin Boulevard Climb0.96 mi318 ft6.3%
W Grace Memorial Climb0.11 mi33 ft5.6%