Tolosa Half - 2019 to 2023

Running Route

20.92 km
730 m
The most popular event of the kunanyi Trail Series!
Created By
Lincoln Quilliam

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tolosa Half OUT10.65 km613 m5.3%
The Tolosa Half21.15 km631 m0.0%
Tolosa Priest1.13 km114 m9.8%
Call Me A Priest0.39 km62 m15.3%
NS to Kangaroo FT1.53 km151 m9.8%
N-S Split to Rivulet0.76 km10 m0.5%
Old Hobes to NT Falls0.73 km45 m6.2%
Lenah Valley Track 🡡1.65 km114 m6.9%
Lenah Valley Road Climb0.53 km49 m9.3%
Lenah Valley Junction Cabin - Springs3.31 km117 m2.3%
Pinnacle Rd Climb1.07 km91 m8.5%
Pinnacle Rd Climb0.56 km47 m8.3%
Lenah Valley flat bit1.20 km-11 m-0.6%
Lenah Valley flat short0.63 km-5 m-0.5%
Sphinx to Springs1.17 km-53 m-2.5%
easy but 1.03 km-89 m-5.6%
N/S - Springs - Junction3.39 km-112 m-2.6%
Tolosa Half BACK10.67 km-563 m-5.3%
North South - Shoobridge to Junction Cabin2.46 km-51 m-0.3%
Pinnacle Rd Climb0.92 km46 m5.0%
North South - Junction Cabin to Old Hobartians (New Town Rivulet)2.64 km-169 m-6.1%
North South Trail - Kangaroo to Priest FT1.50 km-149 m-9.9%
Tolosa steep finish2.87 km-257 m-8.9%
Going down on the Priest0.37 km-60 m-16.0%