Cycling Route

67.63 mi
8,144 ft
This is the official 2022 route for the Wilmington Whiteface 100K MTB. Note, the course is actually 68.5 miles, not 100K.
Created By
Patrick Carey
June 2, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Start to Bartlett4.92 mi404 ft-1.3%
12A EB0.78 mi85 ft-2.1%
Wilmington Whiteface 100K Segment Challenge2.01 mi574 ft5.4%
Barlett1.65 mi545 ft6.2%
Highway 9N1.44 mi75 ft-0.4%
Styles Brook Climb1.93 mi738 ft7.2%
HWY 521.68 mi712 ft8.0%
Styles Brook Road (Climb) First Cottage to the right to Highlands Farm1.75 mi830 ft8.9%
The neverending climb #26.28 mi1,572 ft4.7%
Styles Everest 1060.35 mi276 ft14.7%
Styles Initial Ascent0.46 mi335 ft13.8%
Luke Glen Rd2.26 mi705 ft5.9%
neverending descent8.82 mi1,562 ft-3.3%
Shortened downhill3.06 mi997 ft-6.1%
Wilmington Gravel Road Descent4.16 mi1,250 ft-5.7%
JMR descent to Carlott2.47 mi955 ft-7.3%
Burpee Rd Climb0.71 mi266 ft7.0%
Hidden Trail0.58 mi36 ft-0.5%
Handy Descent1.11 mi256 ft-4.4%
The neverending climb8.57 mi1,532 ft3.4%
Blood Hill Rd Climb0.74 mi295 ft7.5%
Blood Hill1.93 mi410 ft4.0%
Carlott Rd Climb1.00 mi279 ft5.2%
Jay Mountain Road - Full2.55 mi1,007 ft7.5%
Adirondack Park Preserve Climb0.83 mi322 ft7.4%
Jay Mtn Road - Full Dirt Pass West5.89 mi958 ft0.6%
Wells Hill Rd Climb0.88 mi302 ft6.5%
Luke Glen to 9N Descent WW100k6.37 mi1,572 ft-4.7%
Styles Brook Descent1.53 mi617 ft-7.6%
Lacy en route to Hell3.18 mi801 ft4.6%
Wilmington/Whiteface 50k 2nd climb2.84 mi771 ft5.1%
Full Lacy Climb1.74 mi171 ft1.8%
Lacy1.36 mi489 ft6.7%
Nichols Brook to Turkey Shoot0.98 mi377 ft7.3%
Sentinel Range Via Bartlett 4.39 mi732 ft-2.2%
Springfield hill up from bartlett 1.23 mi167 ft2.6%
Coniferous CCW0.51 mi13 ft0.2%
Hardy Trail II1.26 mi167 ft0.0%
Make Believe CCW0.89 mi180 ft1.3%
BB Make Believe CC Start0.29 mi59 ft3.7%
BB Make It Twisted CC Climb0.54 mi154 ft5.3%
BB Upper Twisted to Lower Make Believe DH0.49 mi115 ft-1.0%
Hardy through Flume4.31 mi394 ft1.6%
Kicker to Stopsign1.88 mi59 ft0.6%
Create the Break0.94 mi36 ft0.7%
Flume falls to Whiteface0.88 mi223 ft4.6%
Flume Trail Ascent0.70 mi279 ft7.5%
Flume trail0.20 mi102 ft-9.4%