VCC Rule V

Cycling Route

79.12 km
603 m
Created By
Kevin Rokosh

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Acheson Fire2.92 km-21 m-0.6%
532A West From HWY44 to RR2724.39 km12 m0.2%
274 Northbound2.52 km63 m2.5%
Range Rd 274 Hill Sprint0.36 km22 m6.0%
Rich People0.57 km8 m0.8%
Township 540 to Rolling Heights0.99 km38 m3.8%
Chicakoo Lake Twp Rd 540 West7.55 km-29 m-0.1%
11 to 122.90 km-24 m-0.8%
Rollers7.08 km37 m0.1%
11 to 208.96 km-57 m-0.4%
Alley-oop1.84 km-28 m-1.5%
12 to 131.56 km15 m0.6%
Chickakoo Farm Climb0.70 km33 m4.6%
Double Double3.00 km33 m1.1%
13 to 141.38 km-31 m-0.4%
14 and Up 1.26 km27 m2.0%
End Of Line0.52 km13 m2.4%
Fearless Gravel!!!! 1.11 km-36 m-3.3%
RR 20 Power Up1.04 km27 m2.6%
"S"0.94 km-15 m-0.8%
Bridge Climb0.70 km37 m5.2%
Glory Hills Road Southbound3.08 km-19 m-0.5% All Out Speed Demon2.48 km-21 m-0.8%
The Warm up Section3.53 km-7 m-0.2%
The 5328.33 km-14 m-0.1%
Almost Done4.44 km-16 m-0.3%
Township 532 A - East from RR 2724.82 km-13 m-0.2%
Almost Done4.44 km-16 m-0.3%
Never Steady, Never Still1.48 km11 m0.8%