Onion Valley

Cycling Route

28.29 mi
5,584 ft
Created By
Ryan Gomba
June 2, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lower Onion Valley8.75 mi3,484 ft7.5%
Onion Valley Road Climb1.37 mi328 ft4.5%
DVRSR spring 2011 stage 2 (Onion Valley) 9.49 mi3,753 ft7.5%
Onion Valley Climb12.91 mi5,194 ft7.6%
Onion Valley: Independence to Campground5.73 mi2,106 ft7.0%
Onion Valley - Museum to Last Switchback11.81 mi4,695 ft7.5%
JD Partial Onion Valley Special8.01 mi3,271 ft7.7%
DVRSR Stage 2 Onion Valley12.27 mi5,030 ft7.8%
Onion Rd to Foothill RD3.19 mi1,099 ft6.5%
Onion Valley 12 mile climb11.45 mi4,780 ft7.9%
Onion Valley Rd Climb1.68 mi722 ft8.1%
Lower campground to top7.31 mi3,219 ft8.3%
Onion Valley: Campground to the Top6.98 mi3,097 ft8.4%
Onion Valley Road Climb1.19 mi525 ft8.3%
onion valley seven pines to farmhouse1.53 mi771 ft9.5%
seven pines to onion valley6.86 mi2,894 ft8.0%
Onion Valley Road climb second half4.49 mi1,811 ft7.6%
06/10/10 Lone Pine, CA4.41 mi1,804 ft7.7%
06/25/09 Lone Pine, CA2.47 mi1,053 ft8.0%
Onion Valley Rd Descent12.55 mi-5,030 ft-7.6%
Onion Valley Descent7.27 mi-3,071 ft-8.0%
Onion Valley Descent from 9,000 to 4,000 ft12.40 mi-4,760 ft-7.3%
First switchback to lower Grays meadow6.27 mi-2,779 ft-8.4%
Onion Valley Descent, Fast section8.43 mi-3,386 ft-7.6%
Onion Valley Rockslide to Base8.71 mi-3,471 ft-7.5%
Seven Pines Descent5.59 mi-2,037 ft-6.9%
Lower Meadows to Town5.11 mi-1,670 ft-6.2%