Whitney Portal

Cycling Route

23.81 mi
4,637 ft
Created By
Ryan Gomba
June 2, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lone Pine to First Switchback9.33 mi3,379 ft6.8%
Hwy 395 to Lone Pine Campground6.51 mi1,860 ft5.4%
395 to Whitney Portal Campground11.17 mi4,049 ft6.9%
395 - Whitney TH - 39523.69 mi4,541 ft0.0%
395 to Whitney Portal Gate8.35 mi2,838 ft6.4%
Alabama Hills Climb via Whitney Portal2.66 mi689 ft4.9%
Lone Pine to Mt. Whitney11.77 mi4,600 ft7.4%
Whitney Portal from 39511.62 mi4,518 ft7.4%
06/25/09 Lone Pine, CA2.63 mi725 ft5.2%
Whitney Portal11.33 mi4,288 ft7.2%
Whitney Portal Road - Tuttle Creek to gate before switchback7.82 mi2,648 ft6.4%
Creek 2 Whitney sign10.40 mi4,052 ft7.4%
Bogey's Whitney Portal Rd., Low2.63 mi755 ft5.4%
Whitney Portal from Los Angeles Aquaduct11.26 mi4,455 ft7.5%
Movie to ORR2.95 mi892 ft5.7%
Mount Whitney climb from HSMroad/WProad9.05 mi3,789 ft7.9%
Whitney Portal from HCM7.81 mi3,251 ft7.9%
MWSR 2013 Final Climb7.70 mi3,087 ft7.6%
WP HM to Lone Pine Campground3.29 mi955 ft5.5%
Whitney Portal from Horseshoe Meadows8.48 mi3,652 ft8.1%
Whitney Portal Middle - Lone Pine Campground to Hairpin2.66 mi1,365 ft9.7%
portal steep1.50 mi748 ft9.4%
Whitney Portal - Hairpins to End3.39 mi1,663 ft9.3%
Whitney Portal Alpine Climb, Switchback to End2.56 mi1,204 ft8.9%
Whitney Portal to Lone Pine (descent)11.80 mi-4,423 ft-7.1%
Whitney Portal full descent11.20 mi-4,242 ft-7.2%
Whitney Portal Road Descent__Steep Section4.97 mi-2,451 ft-9.3%
whitney portal descent - campground to base2.82 mi-1,404 ft-9.4%
Whitney straightaway descent to Horseshoe4.98 mi-1,831 ft-7.0%
Horseshoe Meadows to Tuttle Creek Descent Via Whitney Portal2.59 mi-768 ft-5.6%
WPR part down1.53 mi-492 ft-6.0%