Past Month
Past Month

Skyline 50k

Running Route

31.3 mi
4,766 ft
The 2021 course and beyond.
Created By
Adam Ray

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
baby bumps0.82 mi59 ft1.3%
Redwood Rd Climb0.24 mi135 ft10.3%
Cameron Loop Trail Counter-Clockwise Climb0.41 mi135 ft5.4%
Laggard Hill0.14 mi79 ft10.1%
10 Hills Trail1.04 mi-125 ft-1.2%
Big Red Barn0.21 mi43 ft0.1%
Redwood Rd Climb1.58 mi594 ft7.1%
Brandon Tr. Incline to Second Bench1.37 mi584 ft8.0%
Brandon - Golf Course to Summit1.44 mi600 ft7.5%
First Bench0.80 mi358 ft8.4%
Brandon Descent3.02 mi-397 ft-2.4%
Bench to Stone Bridge 1.74 mi-341 ft-3.5%
Stone bridge to Bort Meadows gate1.35 mi167 ft2.4%
Brandon->Top of MacDonald (MGR)3.01 mi676 ft4.2%
Brandon (up) to Gate (MGR)1.33 mi174 ft2.4%
Skyline Trail Climb1.39 mi495 ft6.7%
MacDonald Up (MGR)1.48 mi433 ft5.4%
Bort Gate Ascent to Parkridge Gap1.40 mi404 ft5.3%
Willie's Miracle Mile0.99 mi-476 ft-8.9%
Redwood Rd Climb0.44 mi148 ft6.3%
West Ridge Bottom to West Ridge top via Stream3.19 mi712 ft4.2%
ASCENT Redwood Gate parking lot to Skyline Gate parking lot2.92 mi669 ft4.3%
Up Stream2.53 mi653 ft4.9%
Stream Trail Climb Bridge to Skyline1.55 mi522 ft6.3%
Steam Trail to Skyline Gate1.38 mi502 ft6.9%
Stream Trail Climb0.55 mi289 ft9.9%
Stream Trail Climb to a Parking Lot0.51 mi285 ft10.4%
Up from Girls Camp0.28 mi207 ft13.5%
Elderberry Dr Climb0.59 mi249 ft7.9%
West Ridge from Skyline Gate to French Trail0.51 mi59 ft1.9%
03/06/10 Oakland, CA0.23 mi299 ft24.5%
French from Madrone to Mill0.53 mi-213 ft-6.4%
French Trail Climb0.19 mi148 ft14.8%
French Trail Climb0.19 mi164 ft16.1%
Redwood Rd Climb0.16 mi69 ft3.5%
French Trail - Chown to Orchard1.06 mi-118 ft-1.4%
Redwood Rd Climb0.26 mi151 ft9.8%
Orchard Tr. Ascent - French to W Ridge0.18 mi148 ft15.2%
Old Macdonald had a hill0.90 mi502 ft10.5%
MacD TH to Junction CLIMB1.09 mi509 ft8.6%
Sabre's Picture day1.31 mi-315 ft-4.3%
Skyline Trail: Parkridge to Grass Valley Trail Gate1.56 mi-505 ft-6.0%
Brandon Trail - End to End Southbound1.13 mi-144 ft-2.4%
hidden cut through to bridge0.62 mi-75 ft-2.3%
Commonwealth Dr Climb0.73 mi240 ft6.2%
Jackson Grade0.35 mi177 ft9.4%
Big tree to Hole 7 green0.26 mi-52 ft-2.3%
7 ate 90.44 mi-200 ft-8.4%
West Shore Trail Climb0.36 mi135 ft7.1%
Chabot West Path1.48 mi-79 ft-0.3%