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The Bumpsy Trail

Running Route

33.04 km
429 m
Created By
Luke Merrett

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Estelle's Drop0.43 km-12 m-2.8%
Portway - TownRd-HungRd1.26 km14 m1.1%
Golf Course South Side1.24 km-30 m-0.4%
Felicity's Drop0.21 km-24 m-11.4%
Steps in the woods0.16 km-12 m-5.5%
Avon to Sea Mills0.61 km-2 m-0.3%
From Sea Mills along the Avon1.38 km11 m0.4%
Riverside sprint South0.30 km-2 m0.0%
Romans Way / Bridge Valley Tempo2.90 km-18 m-0.2%
Portway off road 1.08 km3 m0.1%
Portway 2mile3.25 km-9 m-0.3%
Jax 061.65 km-7 m-0.1%
Under the Downs - Under the Bridge1.81 km45 m1.9%
Jax 071.64 km46 m0.5%
Portway lamposts0.15 km-5 m-3.4%
Portway Climb0.35 km41 m11.6%
All Guns Blazing Down Ashton Ave Bridge0.10 km5 m4.8%
Portway 2mile (r)3.22 km8 m0.1%
Overhead bridges 800m0.81 km-1 m-0.0%
Portway Climb0.53 km42 m7.7%
Jax 021.61 km-47 m-0.5%
Underneath the Downs (Northbound)0.93 km23 m1.2%
Jax 031.61 km7 m0.1%
Exiting Old Sneed Park0.19 km15 m6.9%
Trym Trail - Sea Mills0.73 km4 m0.3%
Trym Park to road through the trees0.40 km-3 m-0.6%
Shirehampton Road0.70 km28 m4.0%
shirehampton rd climb0.63 km23 m3.7%
Trym Valley Bell Barn Lane to Blaise0.86 km-5 m0.0%
The Dingle Steep Bit0.10 km16 m14.6%
Cemetery dash0.49 km-6 m-0.6%
Golf Course wall climb0.33 km39 m11.6%
The Wall0.21 km54 m25.7%
Coombe Way, Henbury Rd Climb0.74 km67 m8.9%
Zigzag down from house0.41 km-30 m-7.2%
Blaise Mill to Castle0.82 km37 m1.6%
East Ascent to Castle (View Point)0.90 km63 m5.5%
Steps to viewpoint0.22 km21 m9.2%
Butchers Cave Blast0.32 km36 m11.0%
Blaise Corner1.04 km26 m2.5%
Benville Avenue Climb0.39 km42 m10.6%
It's a muddy bridleway ⛸️💩0.24 km11 m4.6%
Blaise Ridge1.20 km-20 m-1.4%
Kings Weston Climb0.08 km11 m12.7%