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Cycling Route

28.47 mi
2,703 ft
Created By
Leighton P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Nar2Princes2.04 mi138 ft1.3%
Black aldern to princess gate. 1.26 mi108 ft1.3%
TO Princes Gate0.23 mi85 ft7.0%
up princes0.72 mi95 ft2.0%
Tanners to A4771.64 mi-161 ft-1.6%
Ludchurch South1.34 mi-161 ft-2.2%
Hill out of Ludchurch0.22 mi39 ft3.5%
Descent into Wisemans Bridge2.08 mi-354 ft-3.2%
brave the downhill blast1.21 mi-266 ft-4.0%
descent into wiseman bridge0.94 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Wisemans bridge0.31 mi148 ft9.0%
Wiseman's Bridge Climb0.36 mi180 ft9.4%
Don't go straight on into the wall0.49 mi-220 ft-8.3%
Frances Road Climb0.19 mi59 ft5.7%
Broadfield Hill, Saundersfoot1.11 mi302 ft5.1%
Saundersfoot Full Climb 1.12 mi292 ft4.9%
Saundersfoot - St Brides & Broadfield Hill0.89 mi279 ft5.9%
Saundersfoot - St Brides Hill Sprint0.13 mi75 ft10.7%
Saundersfoot hill reps1.03 mi299 ft5.5%
Climb without the traffic lights0.96 mi285 ft5.6%
St. Brides Hill0.07 mi33 ft7.7%
IM saundersfoot0.86 mi282 ft6.2%
Trefloyne1.51 mi157 ft1.9%
Kiln Park to The Ritec (ℬℬ ™)2.24 mi144 ft0.6%
Penally to the outskirts of St Florence2.60 mi138 ft0.2%
Penally to St Florence2.81 mi151 ft0.3%
Golf Club To Outskirts of St Florence2.41 mi135 ft0.5%
Off B4318 up to Redberth1.00 mi-95 ft-0.1%
sageston surprise0.87 mi200 ft3.9%
Junction to Junction0.50 mi-33 ft-0.5%
Sprint to Jeffreyston0.24 mi-33 ft-2.6%
Jeff up to Reynalton1.57 mi151 ft0.4%
Jeff to Reynalton2.75 mi276 ft1.2%
bridge to reynalton0.86 mi148 ft3.2%
reynalton hill to church0.87 mi151 ft3.2%
Reynalton Hill1.92 mi276 ft2.7%
Reynalton hill mid part0.92 mi197 ft4.0%
Reynalton hill to Croft0.67 mi154 ft4.4%
Airfield Road to A41150.91 mi-39 ft-0.6%
woodland sprint0.30 mi-7 ft-0.3%
Grove climb0.64 mi105 ft3.0%
Hup Heron0.21 mi43 ft3.0%
Narberth Hill0.39 mi154 ft6.8%
Narberth Annual Hill Climb0.36 mi148 ft7.3%
Narberth to Dynos Car Park0.38 mi89 ft4.3%