Past Month

Lost Abbey Pilsner Pounder Gravel Jaunt

Cycling Route

34.36 mi
2,639 ft
Created By
Brian McCulloch 'Big Wheel Coaching'

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
forests to groves5.74 mi-325 ft-0.2%
Elfin: Top to the Turn2.01 mi-299 ft-2.8%
RIDE Cyclery - Elfin Forest Climb #20.71 mi-82 ft-0.5%
Rail Turn! Elfin to HG0.98 mi-236 ft-4.5%
Harmony Grove Incline1.69 mi180 ft2.0%
Chain-Gang full sent at Elfin2.82 mi187 ft1.2%
Elfin Climb0.88 mi125 ft2.7%
Flying through Harmony Grove0.90 mi49 ft0.9%
Harmony Bridge (+)0.38 mi33 ft1.0%
Citracado Slant0.42 mi62 ft2.8%
Del Dios 14.18 mi-331 ft-1.5%
Del Dios Park Climb0.64 mi105 ft3.0%
always ezier without wind4.23 mi-381 ft-1.4%
Bomb The Hill to the Bottom2.08 mi-354 ft-3.2%
Del Dios Trail Full On5.20 mi299 ft0.8%
Lemontwistenberg1.97 mi213 ft2.0%
Dam Climb from Bridge1.24 mi279 ft4.2%
Another Damn Hill0.51 mi161 ft5.9%
Dam DH with roll in0.15 mi-56 ft-6.4%
Dam to Hern1.86 mi-98 ft-0.8%
BWR Damnation1.65 mi-72 ft-0.4%
lots a fun0.32 mi-82 ft-4.4%
Dustbowl DH0.12 mi-59 ft-8.9%
printing $$$0.74 mi-75 ft-1.7%
DH to Quicky0.23 mi-72 ft-5.5%
Dustbowl Down the Drain DH0.13 mi-66 ft-8.9%
Curtis 0.08 mi13 ft1.0%
Hernandez Hideaway to Parking Lot1.15 mi20 ft0.0%
Uncle Pervy's Secret Tickle Fight1.08 mi-43 ft-0.0%
Good Luck When you Fly0.11 mi-16 ft-0.3%
3 Drops, Downhill, Snack0.93 mi-36 ft-0.2%
QnD Finish Line Sprint0.18 mi-30 ft-2.8%
N. Lake Hodges Hill E to W0.75 mi92 ft1.7%
Hodges Short DH0.28 mi-72 ft-4.9%
Hodges DH to 1st whoop (Rob's Rut)0.14 mi-66 ft-8.7%
Rollers220.38 mi-98 ft-3.5%
Just the whoops (W)0.13 mi23 ft0.2%
Full Blown0.89 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Mission Rd Northside Westbound0.82 mi-23 ft-0.2%
Up Date-Del Dios1.52 mi384 ft4.7%
W Valley > Wilgen1.97 mi-131 ft-1.3%
Robert's Reverse DisHarmony Grove0.60 mi-154 ft-1.4%
Harmony to Elfin3.09 mi-184 ft-1.1%
Doug's hill0.35 mi23 ft1.3%
Questhaven to Grain Mill2.89 mi528 ft3.2%
Questhaven Dirt1.11 mi217 ft3.7%
Squad.0.78 mi236 ft5.7%
Questhaven Wall Sprint0.09 mi56 ft11.1%
Qhaven return0.21 mi102 ft7.3%
Caught them smokin teh weed0.30 mi66 ft3.7%