Harvest Tour 2022 FINAL

Cycling Route

39.0 mi
3,198 ft
Created By
Tim Miller
July 26, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Up Trinity Road2.26 mi154 ft1.0%
Country Club Rd - Up from 2200.51 mi62 ft0.9%
Walnut Manor Climb1.04 mi125 ft2.2%
Shaver's Blacksburg Hump0.85 mi108 ft2.4%
Grove Hill East0.22 mi105 ft8.8%
606 pitch fincastle0.25 mi102 ft7.7%
600 Gravel Boogie1.81 mi59 ft0.2%
Pooour Mt. Road South from 220 to 6303.36 mi167 ft0.3%
Trevey Road South0.59 mi-82 ft-0.1%
Marquise Dr. descent0.36 mi-39 ft-1.6%
BR TNPK 11 to Nace1.61 mi-177 ft-0.2%
Nace Turnpike to Rt 113.75 mi249 ft0.5%
Camp Bethel to Tracks on Nace2.45 mi207 ft1.6%
Blue Ridge Turnpike to Rt 11 up Nace3.75 mi236 ft0.3%
Camp Bethel To Tracks2.34 mi203 ft1.6%