Skyline Half

Running Route

13.16 mi
1,755 ft
Skyline Half is part of the Skyline Endurance Run
Created By
Adam Ray

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
baby bumps0.82 mi59 ft1.3%
Redwood Rd Climb0.24 mi135 ft10.3%
Heart rate warm up 0.56 mi210 ft7.0%
Cameron Loop Trail Counter-Clockwise Climb0.41 mi135 ft5.4%
Laggard Hill0.14 mi79 ft10.1%
10 Hills Trail1.04 mi-125 ft-1.2%
Big Red Barn0.21 mi43 ft0.1%
Redwood Rd Climb1.58 mi594 ft7.1%
Brandon Tr. Incline to Second Bench1.37 mi584 ft8.0%
Brandon - GC to 2 Rocks1.97 mi581 ft4.3%
Brandon - Golf Course to Summit1.44 mi600 ft7.5%
Brandon Trail ~280m Hill Repeats0.18 mi72 ft7.5%
First Bench0.80 mi358 ft8.4%
Brandon Descent3.02 mi-397 ft-2.4%
Bench to Stone Bridge 1.74 mi-341 ft-3.5%
Commonwealth Dr Climb0.73 mi240 ft6.2%
Jackson Grade0.35 mi177 ft9.4%
Big tree to Hole 7 green0.26 mi-52 ft-2.3%
7 ate 90.44 mi-200 ft-8.4%
West Shore Trail Climb0.36 mi135 ft7.1%
Chabot West Path1.48 mi-79 ft-0.3%