Rhinebeck North Route

Cycling Route

36.74 mi
1,472 ft
Created By
Jason Aloisio
August 11, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Old Post Tator to Hook1.32 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Middle Rd Mile Al Norte1.00 mi-49 ft-0.6%
Chasing the Pack1.47 mi-36 ft0.0%
Benner Road Sprint0.80 mi-36 ft-0.3%
Rockafeller Yeller1.17 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Spring Lake 0.77 mi62 ft0.2%
Spring Lake Mile0.86 mi-7 ft0.0%
Pleasant Vale (Bump to bridge)1.39 mi-85 ft-0.5%
Commons (Pleasant Vale to Trout Creek)1.26 mi56 ft0.4%
commons rd to 91.73 mi-56 ft-0.0%
CR 6 East4.34 mi-72 ft-0.1%
Clermont to Tivoli Sprint1.55 mi-49 ft-0.5%
Annandale/River Rd (9G to Rokeby Rd)3.29 mi-66 ft-0.2%
Annandale Rd (9G to Annandale Triangle)1.26 mi-66 ft-0.8%
Annandale/River Rd (9G to Barrytown Rd)2.21 mi-66 ft-0.4%
Bard Dash Thru1.01 mi-59 ft-1.1%
cruger-poet3.88 mi49 ft0.0%
Annandale South2.87 mi43 ft0.1%
River Road: Annandale Road to Barrytown Road0.88 mi30 ft0.4%
River Road: Barrytown Road to Rokeby Road0.99 mi30 ft0.1%
Mount Rutsen Road South1.59 mi-62 ft-0.4%
Old Post to peak of hill before hospital0.39 mi-36 ft-0.1%
Montgomery St.: Old Post to Rte. 90.66 mi56 ft0.8%
Montgomery St: Bridge to Astor Dr0.41 mi52 ft2.4%