TGR - Long Course (FINAL)

Cycling Route

82.89 mi
10,133 ft
Created By
Scott Benge

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mill Creek Rd Climb0.49 mi272 ft10.5%
Airport Rd Full Climb1.91 mi499 ft4.9%
Airport road to Aldasoro0.62 mi220 ft6.7%
Airport Rd to Aldosoro1.05 mi338 ft6.0%
Ald Airp Srv Rd Climb1.10 mi269 ft4.6%
Deep Creek to 1453.01 mi-1,066 ft-6.7%
63Getting It1.85 mi-673 ft-6.9%
Deep Creek to 63L Bridge0.83 mi52 ft0.8%
Illium Road7.97 mi1,204 ft2.8%
The sting in the tail2.19 mi764 ft6.6%
Colorado 145 Climb1.95 mi758 ft7.4%
Colorado 145 Climb0.88 mi374 ft8.0%
Clift Out0.20 mi33 ft3.0%
145 Turnoff to Priest Lake Gravel Rd1.70 mi121 ft1.4%
Blessed Dirt5.81 mi745 ft2.4%
Trout Lake Gravel Rd Up to Lizard Head Pass4.12 mi318 ft0.3%
Lizardhead Pass to Matterhorn CG2.20 mi-636 ft-5.5%
Highway to Goose DH0.77 mi-135 ft-2.9%
Goose DH from bridge to road3.09 mi-413 ft-2.2%
P Road Climb2.63 mi1,424 ft10.2%
For a Few Dollars More: Sawpit to Last Dollar Pass11.70 mi2,930 ft4.7%
P Road Climb1.34 mi266 ft3.8%
bottom to top of last dollar pass4.42 mi1,654 ft7.1%
Last Dollar Rd Climb1.13 mi492 ft8.2%
Last Dollar Rd Climb2.24 mi833 ft7.1%
Last Dollar bomb drop1.50 mi-807 ft-10.2%
Last Dollar Bomb6.05 mi-1,926 ft-6.0%
Last Dollar bomb drop1.50 mi-807 ft-10.2%
Last Dollar Drop (overlook to Deep Creek)3.55 mi-886 ft-4.7%
Deep Creek Road to Airport Road climb2.14 mi440 ft3.7%
Last Dollar Rd Climb1.13 mi397 ft6.6%
Airport Rd Downhill to 1451.57 mi-433 ft-5.2%
Tunnel to Bridge0.42 mi39 ft0.8%
T-Ride Sprint Home0.73 mi-36 ft-0.5%