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MRR 10k Aug 22

Running Route

10.43 km
18 m
Created By
Chris Rider 💚

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MRR 10k Summer 202210.34 km-7 m-0.0%
Bar CA to half way point1.55 km-6 m-0.2%
Bridge to bridge0.32 km-2 m-0.6%
Castlefield > MediaCity3.27 km-11 m-0.2%
Bridge to Bridge0.35 km-4 m-1.0%
Bridgewater canal1.38 km9 m0.2%
1km down0.99 km4 m0.1%
Bridge to Ramp0.64 km8 m0.7%
Ramp Hill Rep0.16 km3 m1.5%
Chase the tram along the Ship Canal0.57 km-1 m-0.1%
Trafford Rd to Media City bridge - revised GPS1.22 km-4 m-0.1%
ahhh fu'canal ma son0.90 km-6 m-0.4%
Waterside 200m 0.19 km2 m0.9%
Thursday reps quayside 0.84 km-4 m-0.0%
Quayside Interval Reverse0.85 km4 m0.1%
100m dash0.07 km2 m2.1%
Grid2Grid North0.12 km1 m0.7%
Searching for Kate’s cone1.08 km-4 m-0.2%
Bridge to IWM0.28 km-4 m-0.9%
Between Bridges0.33 km-2 m-0.2%
Media City Bridge Manchester0.13 km-5 m-3.8%
Salford 10k Sprint Finish0.17 km-8 m-3.8%
The Quays - Dock 90.63 km-1 m-0.1%
GRL Home Straight0.27 km-7 m-1.1%
Canal Bridge to Bridge1.61 km8 m0.0%
Chasing Bunday0.38 km-1 m-0.1%
Exhange Quay to Last Tree0.76 km-4 m-0.2%
Along the Irwell1.31 km-7 m-0.1%
Mowden Road to Bridge (1km)0.95 km-2 m-0.1%
MRR Sprint Finish0.69 km3 m0.2%