Tour de France triathlon Verbier

Cycling Route

21.45 km
1,120 m
From Verbier Transition 1 at the parking below the pool (so that you can have a swim first) you decent to le Châble, to climb back up to Les Planards / Marmotte restaurant parking where you parc your bike in T3 to go for a flat run along the bise.
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Karin Zondervan
September 1, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Verbier to Chable6.94 km547 m-7.9%
going down6.97 km544 m-7.8%
roundabout to roundabout8.56 km670 m7.8%
Chable Roundabout to Verbier Place Centrale8.45 km664 m7.9%
Carrefour - Carrefour11.66 km916 m7.8%
Le Châble to Verbier (Crêta Cô)7.65 km602 m7.9%
Châble - Verbier8.51 km648 m7.6%
Chable - Fontenelle-dessus3.05 km211 m6.9%
Chable Roundabout - Ch. de la Place1.96 km122 m6.1%
Chable - Marmotte13.27 km1,082 m8.2%
roundabout to roundabout8.49 km667 m7.8%
Le Châble / Verbier8.47 km658 m7.8%
Rond point entrée station6.75 km526 m7.8%
Le Chable - Carrefour above Verbier11.46 km918 m8.0%
Le Chable to Verbier6.62 km517 m7.8%
Verbier climb6.59 km521 m7.9%
Climb to verbier7.68 km613 m8.0%
Bagnes verbier4.65 km374 m7.9%
Le Châble - Verbier7.46 km602 m8.1%
verbier fino alla deviazione ciclistica4.54 km348 m7.6%
Route de Verbier Climb0.98 km119 m12.1%
Route De Verbier 101 Climb0.84 km92 m10.8%
Kudos Cycling - Turn and Burn 0.39 km20 m5.1%
Verbier Place Central tot aan de putdeksels1.34 km124 m9.2%
Place Central - Carrefour3.09 km251 m8.1%
Savoleyres - Namaste3.58 km316 m8.8%
Chemin Du Scex Climb1.74 km163 m9.3%
Chemin Du Scex Climb1.74 km161 m9.2%
up to carrefour0.79 km86 m10.9%