Trail run Olympic triathlon Verbier

Trail Running Route

15.23 km
675 m
This trail run brings you through the forest to st Christoph, the chateau, les planards / Marmotte with T3 and water supply, along the bisse towards Clambin and back down through Verbier to finish!
Created By
Karin Zondervan
September 2, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Pathiers to St-Christophe1.43 km112 m4.7%
Patier to St Christophe1.42 km111 m4.1%
Chemin De Chevillard 68 80 Climb1.06 km177 m16.6%
KV Verbier - Part 1 (Pathiers - St Christophe)0.97 km100 m10.3%
Fontaine St-Christophe0.67 km45 m5.2%
KV Verbier - Part 2 (St Christophe - Le Chateau)0.50 km186 m37.2%
Le Château0.56 km151 m26.8%
St-Christophe to Le Chateau0.37 km117 m26.3%
Route de la Marlène Climb0.44 km87 m19.7%
Route de la Marlène Climb0.42 km52 m12.3%
Chemin du Clou Climb0.94 km109 m11.5%