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Cycling Route

28.59 mi
1,290 ft
Created By
Aidan K
October 3, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wilbur - Devonshire to top2.52 mi446 ft3.3%
Wilbur Climb1.25 mi174 ft2.6%
Gate to Gate0.24 mi39 ft2.9%
wilbur to rinaldi0.77 mi105 ft2.6%
Porter Ranch - Wilbur Ave - Chatsworth to Tampa2.12 mi459 ft3.9%
Wilbur/Tampa Climb1.95 mi400 ft3.7%
Wibur Ave1.24 mi269 ft4.0%
Porter Ranch - Wilbur Ave - Rinaldi St to Tampa Ave1.33 mi361 ft4.7%
Wilbur climb north of Rinaldi1.16 mi266 ft4.3%
06/29/10 Northridge, CA1.10 mi344 ft5.9%
wilbur short climb0.76 mi217 ft5.4%
Wilbur Intervals0.42 mi157 ft7.0%
Wilbur - Brasilia to Tampa0.55 mi230 ft5.8%
Over the hump0.32 mi26 ft0.3%
inflection points0.24 mi148 ft10.0%
Tampa- Wilbur to Sesnon0.61 mi125 ft3.0%
Last two bumps0.19 mi43 ft4.1%
Sesnon- Tampa to Reseda0.41 mi20 ft1.0%
sesnon dh to rinaldi1.61 mi-400 ft-4.6%
Reseda- Sesnon to Braemore0.46 mi89 ft0.5%
North Reseda Kicker0.27 mi66 ft4.3%
north Reseda hill south0.22 mi46 ft3.9%
Reseda DH1.06 mi-381 ft-6.8%
Reseda Speed Hill0.77 mi-299 ft-7.4%
Reseda DH0.86 mi-338 ft-7.4%
Reseda TT0.86 mi-112 ft-2.4%