Potato Hopper

Running Route

20.71 km
590 m
Slightly revised route for 2023
Created By
Lincoln Quilliam

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clegg Rd Climb0.40 km53 m13.0%
Radfords Track Climb0.32 km48 m14.9%
life choices UP or DOWN0.64 km162 m25.3%
Personality disorder1.04 km232 m22.2%
Silver Falls + Steps Up0.38 km66 m17.3%
Pipeline - Silver Falls - Reids - Radfords to Milles1.27 km275 m21.6%
Radfords Track Climb0.67 km62 m9.1%
Milles Track - Pinnacle to Icehouse0.31 km17 m5.3%
Milles Track - Pinnacle to Snake Plains1.97 km103 m5.2%
Milles track 6.07 km152 m0.8%
Milles track to Disappearing Tarn3.87 km109 m0.8%
Huon Rd Climb1.81 km78 m4.2%
Snake Plains Turnoff to Wellington Falls Lookout3.88 km-131 m-1.7%
Milles Track: descent to the falls0.49 km-100 m-20.1%
Wellington Falls Track - DOWN1.87 km-209 m-8.7%
Segment0.39 km51 m12.9%
Wellington Falls to Fern Tree12.56 km-368 m-2.8%
Bike rack to menuggana8.22 km-117 m-1.4%
Pipeline - 10km Mark Back9.71 km-172 m-1.4%
Pipeline Track Climb0.30 km43 m14.0%
Pipeline - Shed to 5km Mark4.19 km-103 m-1.2%
Pipeline - Shed to Tavern9.03 km-172 m-1.3%
Pipeline Track Climb0.33 km47 m14.1%
Pipeline Track Climb0.41 km42 m10.0%
Pipeline Track - Snake Plains to Fern Tree5.59 km-109 m-1.9%
Levert to Track Intersection0.94 km-30 m-2.9%
Pipeline - 5km Mark Back4.91 km-125 m-1.5%
Morphetts to Clegg3.40 km-55 m-1.6%
4km Creek Fern Tree Finish3.92 km-131 m-3.1%
Lot 1 Huon Rd Climb0.64 km43 m6.6%
Huon Rd Climb0.43 km52 m12.0%
First bridge to FT1.80 km-39 m-0.9%
Clegg Rd Climb0.45 km42 m9.4%
Pipeline - 1km Mark Back1.01 km-62 m-3.5%