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Mike Nosco Memorial/Liv - shorten route #1 Mulholland

Cycling Route

48.24 mi
3,814 ft
This route bypasses the Deer Creek climb and heads straight to Mulholland Highway. Once at the top of Mulholland, riders can turn left on RTE 23 (Westlake Decker) and ride the course in back to Dos Vientos. This route also eliminates Latigo Canyon climb, making this route a shorter 50 mile ride. 
Created By
Jack N

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rancho Dos Vientos climb0.82 mi180 ft4.1%
Potrero to Hueneme Rd4.77 mi-932 ft-3.6%
Potrero Wall Descent0.95 mi-492 ft-9.8%
Potrero Plunge3.33 mi-712 ft-3.9%
Potrero sprint (after the descent) 1.76 mi-282 ft-3.0%
little kicker on Potrero0.41 mi-62 ft-2.9%
Last Potrero Kicker0.07 mi13 ft3.5%
last down - Potrero Rd0.62 mi-184 ft-5.2%
Last Potrero Bomb 0.38 mi-154 ft-7.2%
PCH to Hueneme - wind tunnel2.83 mi33 ft0.1%
Mugu Lagoon1.22 mi7 ft0.1%
Mugu Rock Hill Sprint0.22 mi33 ft2.8%
PCH - The Rock to Neptunes Net6.18 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Headed home from the rock0.57 mi23 ft0.6%
rock to Deer Creek3.66 mi72 ft0.1%
Catching the Nosco2.08 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Sandhill Sprint South1.15 mi26 ft0.3%
Sycamore to NN3.20 mi49 ft0.1%
Neptune Net to Fire Station0.37 mi59 ft2.0%
Staircase (hilltop)0.54 mi102 ft3.1%
Mulholland Highway Climb6.99 mi1,526 ft4.1%
First Half Of Mulholland3.09 mi430 ft2.5%
Mulholland Hwy Climb1.05 mi279 ft5.0%
10 Minute.3.13 mi489 ft3.0%
Mulholland: The final push to Decker4.03 mi1,158 ft5.3%
10 min Mulholland climb1.93 mi564 ft5.5%
Mulholland Hwy Climb1.13 mi377 ft6.3%
Mulholland Climb Final 1k Effort0.74 mi217 ft5.6%
Mulholland to Mulholland on the 231.94 mi299 ft2.9%
Mulholland Stingers0.95 mi262 ft5.2%
Muli - Clark Ranch to some other big ass house0.46 mi-30 ft-0.6%
Hwy 23 Westlake Descent3.37 mi-902 ft-4.9%
decker.....just the downhill2.00 mi-787 ft-7.4%
Decker Twisties 1.25 mi-427 ft-6.5%
Decker speedway, Carlisle to Potrero1.14 mi-112 ft-1.8%
Suck it Polk0.27 mi7 ft0.0%
Potrero- Westlake to last crest5.63 mi367 ft1.2%
Potrero Rd to 2nd Gate0.49 mi180 ft7.0%
Protrero bridge to Sherwood Turn (only)0.14 mi49 ft6.5%
Potrero Flats3.33 mi144 ft0.6%
Poppin it on Potrero2.64 mi226 ft1.6%
South-North Sprint0.58 mi7 ft0.0%
Potrero Valley Rollers West0.93 mi92 ft1.8%
Potrero Full Climb from Valley1.03 mi243 ft4.4%
Treasure Hill Climb0.44 mi177 ft7.5%
Potrero Descent0.65 mi-180 ft-3.6%
Driveway to Wendy Bomb1.20 mi-423 ft-6.5%
Potrero Descent West1.75 mi-509 ft-5.5%
Lynn Reino to Las Brisas0.80 mi157 ft3.1%
Reino to Las Brisas sprint0.33 mi62 ft3.5%