Past Two Weeks

Mike Nosco Memorial - shortened route #2 Latigo Canyon

Cycling Route

62.17 mi
5,022 ft
This route gives riders a second shortened option, skipping both Deer Creek and Mulholland climbs and going directly south to Latigo Canyon. This route is 60 miles, cutting off 20 miles from the original long course. 
Created By
Jack N

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Las Posas to Deer Creek7.09 mi39 ft0.0%
Mugu Lagoon1.22 mi7 ft0.1%
Mugu Rock Hill Sprint0.22 mi33 ft2.8%
Headed home from the rock0.57 mi23 ft0.6%
rock to Deer Creek3.66 mi72 ft0.1%
Catching the Nosco2.08 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Sandhill Sprint South1.15 mi26 ft0.3%
Sycamore to NN3.20 mi49 ft0.1%
PCH Broad Beach Hill East0.33 mi23 ft1.3%
Zuma Hill Eastbound0.79 mi177 ft4.1%
Winding Way to before Geoffreys0.49 mi-23 ft-0.7%
Geoffrey's Hill Eastbound (It really is a safe climb)0.49 mi108 ft4.0%
Where is latigo already!0.24 mi72 ft5.5%
True Latigo Climb (Not part way, half way but all the way)9.23 mi1,982 ft4.1%
latigo first third2.23 mi663 ft5.6%
Latigo to the first hairpin1.06 mi305 ft5.4%
1st Part of Latigo4.81 mi1,289 ft5.1%
latigo 5:30 repeat1.19 mi351 ft5.5%
RC Latigo - Segment 20.74 mi223 ft5.6%
RC Latigo - Segment 3 GRD1.72 mi541 ft5.8%
Latigo Bay View Drive To Backbone5.02 mi1,316 ft4.9%
Latigo 2nd quarter2.45 mi577 ft4.5%
Dead Man's Flat0.49 mi180 ft6.6%
RC Latigo - Segment 4 Aqui0.80 mi89 ft1.9%
Latigo - time to EXPLODE0.44 mi121 ft5.1%
Latigo - from first flat section to first summit2.62 mi840 ft6.1%
20" of pain0.19 mi59 ft5.7%
Not quite 500meters of pain0.27 mi82 ft5.6%
McReynolds to Latigo 1st Summit Hill Repeat1.07 mi364 ft6.4%
quickie to the first tippy0.20 mi59 ft5.5%
Descent from Latigo 1st Summit to Newton Cyn. Rd.1.02 mi-249 ft-4.6%
Bottoming out on Latigo0.21 mi36 ft2.8%
Latigo final summit1.22 mi344 ft5.2%
Latigo DH0.83 mi-315 ft-7.1%
I wonder how fast Faeron climbs this, hmm1.82 mi312 ft3.0%
Encinal/Mullholland top to Westlake Top2.15 mi-223 ft-1.4%
Zuma Ridge Fire Rd. to Bodie Peak Mtwy.0.84 mi141 ft3.0%
Hwy 23 Westlake Descent3.37 mi-902 ft-4.9%
decker.....just the downhill2.00 mi-787 ft-7.4%
Decker Twisties 1.25 mi-427 ft-6.5%
Carlisle Sprint0.43 mi-49 ft-1.8%
Decker speedway, Carlisle to Potrero1.14 mi-112 ft-1.8%
Suck it Polk0.27 mi7 ft0.0%
Protrero bridge to Sherwood Turn (only)0.14 mi49 ft6.5%
Potrero Flats3.33 mi144 ft0.6%
Potrero Full Climb from Valley1.03 mi243 ft4.4%
Treasure Hill Climb0.44 mi177 ft7.5%
Potrero Descent0.65 mi-180 ft-3.6%
Driveway to Wendy Bomb1.20 mi-423 ft-6.5%
Potrero Descent West1.75 mi-509 ft-5.5%