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Black Friday 2022

Cycling Route

26.65 mi
2,155 ft
Created By
Elton Lin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Twin Peaks MTB DH 0.35 mi-108 ft-5.8%
Twin Peaks Dirt Trip0.26 mi-98 ft-7.0%
Twin Peaks Blvd south ascent0.86 mi220 ft4.8%
Twin Peaks - Portola to Stop Sign1.13 mi249 ft4.1%
Twin Peaks from Portola to Parking Lot1.15 mi295 ft4.2%
Twin Peaks Interval South0.24 mi82 ft6.3%
Twin Peaks from Portola New Direction1.14 mi236 ft3.9%
Twin Peaks from Portola1.17 mi253 ft4.1%
TP corner to corner0.28 mi102 ft6.7%
Twin Peaks Up and Over1.76 mi-249 ft-0.1%
Twin Peaks from Portola to the Top1.09 mi226 ft3.9%
Twin Peaks Climb0.90 mi246 ft5.1%
the steep0.22 mi92 ft7.7%
Twin Peaks Climb (Portola)1.10 mi259 ft4.5%
Twin Peaks Climb (From Portola)0.84 mi243 ft5.4%
Twin Peaks first half from Portola0.52 mi141 ft5.1%
Twin Peaks northbound interval0.80 mi210 ft4.6%
full length of twin (updated for gates)1.51 mi236 ft0.8%
Car Free Twin Peaks Climb0.78 mi207 ft5.0%
full length of twin (updated for gates)1.51 mi236 ft0.9%
Twin Peaks from Panorama Drive1.06 mi203 ft3.5%
Twin Peaks south good pavement climb0.79 mi190 ft4.5%
Closed Gates to Twin Peaks top1.13 mi223 ft3.7%
Twin Peaks Northbound after gate0.75 mi200 ft5.0%
Twin Peaks, après la Barrière0.78 mi203 ft4.9%
Twin Peaks South Gate to Summit0.75 mi213 ft5.4%
TP bend around bend0.17 mi39 ft4.3%
TPP - 2nd corner to third corner bump0.18 mi56 ft5.6%
Twin Peaks Second half0.60 mi82 ft2.6%
Mid Twin Peaks0.30 mi62 ft4.0%
Twin Peaks northbound final turn0.23 mi62 ft5.0%
Twin Peaks Interval South Short Sprint0.15 mi26 ft3.4%
Twin Peaks NB Descent0.61 mi-272 ft-8.3%
Track Bike DHTT 4 ~upper Twin Peaks~0.41 mi-167 ft-7.7%
Twin Peaks Dirt Shortcut0.05 mi-26 ft-8.8%
Clayton DH 17th to Parnassus0.21 mi-95 ft-8.3%
Conservatory of Flowers Hill0.25 mi46 ft3.5%
The CoF Hustle0.32 mi46 ft2.0%
CX: Kennedy -> Arguello0.39 mi59 ft1.0%
RIP N DIP0.12 mi-13 ft-1.3%
Arguello to Euclid 0.65 mi-66 ft-1.9%
arguello to clay turn0.11 mi36 ft5.5%
Clay Climb0.19 mi59 ft5.6%
Pop Clay's Cherry0.12 mi16 ft1.2%
Clay Street Corridor from Cherry to Walnut0.43 mi36 ft1.5%
Presidio Slide0.52 mi-213 ft-7.7%
Presidio Slide - Ending at the first stop sign0.40 mi-138 ft-6.4%
Presidio Slide0.78 mi-253 ft-6.1%
Presidio Blvd Descent0.40 mi-151 ft-7.1%
Lombard Tail0.21 mi-30 ft-2.6%