2023 Q&D Short Course

Cycling Route

57.14 mi
6,241 ft
Mixed surface using the GAP from Markleton to Harnedsville.
Created By
Dan Manges

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2022 Q&D Start to Windmills6.78 mi787 ft2.2%
Bashore Road0.74 mi243 ft6.2%
Markleton Rd Climb1.03 mi449 ft8.2%
Down Chicken Bone2.13 mi-407 ft-3.6%
Quick and the Dead 2020 Final Kicker0.36 mi213 ft10.9%
Whites Creek power climb0.26 mi135 ft9.7%
Whites Creek - Listenburg to Resh5.24 mi436 ft1.6%
Whites Creek to Zehner6.29 mi725 ft2.1%
white Creek0.46 mi322 ft13.1%
Quick and the Dead 2020 Climb 31.88 mi741 ft7.4%
Are you Serious?0.43 mi344 ft14.9%
Really?1.04 mi344 ft6.3%