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221111 Danby Wiske

Cycling Route

80.55 km
462 m
Created By
Roger C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mag's Tunnel0.49 km-4 m-0.2%
Hutton Bank Push0.42 km27 m6.3%
Hutton bank to Wath5.02 km-31 m-0.4%
Corner to corner0.32 km7 m2.1%
wall1.34 km6 m0.0%
Wath x roads to kirks3.42 km-2 m-0.1%
Kirk to Skip5.46 km-29 m-0.4%
Kirklington Junction to A6055 Roundabout0.82 km5 m0.3%
The Curly Wurly1.36 km-10 m-0.7%
A1 to A1673.51 km-18 m-0.5%
Ainderby Quernhow - Skpton Jnc1.99 km-7 m-0.3%
Skipton on Swale Bridge to Busby Stoop (A61)2.25 km11 m0.2%
StoopHutton1.52 km-3 m0.0%
A61 to Warlaby Xroads12.75 km17 m0.1%
Ginger Al's sprint home0.97 km-7 m-0.1%
Kings Arms to Otterington Shorthorn5.89 km9 m0.0%
Sandhutton to Kirby Wiske junction2.87 km-7 m-0.1%
A167 - Newsham Road Junction to Station Road Junction (South Otterington)3.89 km8 m0.1%
Newby Wiske Bridge Climb0.13 km5 m4.0%
Newby HQ Straight1.27 km-9 m-0.4%
Newby Wiske to Warlaby crossroads4.82 km18 m0.2%
Solberge to Warlaby X Roads3.08 km16 m0.0%
farm to warlaby tops0.43 km12 m1.7%
Yafforth Yomp2.31 km-11 m-0.2%
Yafforth - Streetlam7.00 km19 m0.1%
yaff danby3.59 km-2 m0.0%
Danby to Streetlam2.56 km14 m0.2%
Streetlam South1.91 km-7 m-0.2%
Horrible Hill0.33 km13 m3.9%
Langton Bridge to Fleetham Green2.62 km6 m0.1%
Kirkby Fleetham to Little Fencote1.25 km6 m0.0%
Low St Climb2.12 km97 m4.6%
Leeming Bar - Aiskew1.95 km14 m0.7%
Aiskew Railway to Railway West1.52 km-13 m-0.1%
Masham Road Hill Up0.41 km12 m2.9%
Bedale - Thornton Turn2.00 km15 m0.7%
Bedale to Well6.10 km18 m0.1%
Kings Keld kick0.52 km-12 m-0.3%
All Along the Long Lane3.16 km-18 m-0.4%
Long Lane to Lime Lane1.42 km-14 m-0.7%
Push to Wath1.33 km-2 m-0.1%
Main St -> A614.90 km30 m0.4%
The great wall of Wath dash1.00 km4 m0.2%
Conyers Climb2.30 km32 m1.2%
Hutton Conyers0.84 km31 m3.6%
Hutton bank from junction0.77 km18 m1.6%
Hutton bank from junction0.76 km16 m1.5%
Hutton Lane to A 610.90 km12 m1.3%
Downhill Run1.08 km-36 m-2.3%
Just The 10.53 km4 m0.1%