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Rouleur Black Friday Road Ride

Cycling Route

56.68 mi
4,176 ft
Created By
mmx | michael marckx | coureur

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Faraday-El Fuerte to S.Melrose0.85 mi98 ft2.1%
Aspen to Palomar0.43 mi164 ft5.9%
Lionshead to palomar0.16 mi89 ft10.2%
Melrose (Palomar to RSF)2.05 mi-285 ft-0.7%
Melrose Dr.0.65 mi164 ft4.7%
Up to Light0.16 mi121 ft14.1%
Grinding it out on Melrose1.01 mi-115 ft-0.2%
Melrose RSF to Boulderidge0.20 mi46 ft4.4%
San Elijo Rd_Melrose to Elfin Forrest1.12 mi226 ft3.8%
San E to dirt turn0.83 mi144 ft3.3%
San Elijo Road to Elfin Forest1.59 mi289 ft3.4%
forests to groves5.74 mi-325 ft-0.2%
Elfin: Top to the Turn2.01 mi-299 ft-2.8%
RIDE Cyclery - Elfin Forest Climb #20.71 mi-82 ft-0.5%
Rail Turn! Elfin to HG0.98 mi-236 ft-4.5%
Harmony Grove Incline1.69 mi180 ft2.0%
Chain-Gang full sent at Elfin2.82 mi187 ft1.2%
elfin forest turn to turn4.31 mi259 ft1.1%
Elfin Climb0.88 mi125 ft2.7%
Flying through Harmony Grove0.90 mi49 ft0.9%
Swamis Church Sprint0.14 mi-10 ft-1.1%
Harmony Grove Last Sprint0.12 mi26 ft4.1%
Broadway North1.94 mi102 ft0.6%
Cougar Country1.07 mi20 ft0.3%
Elementary Sprint0.22 mi23 ft1.7%
Jesmond Dean2.31 mi315 ft2.5%
Loyal Order of Moose0.92 mi167 ft3.5%
Jes Dene sprint to the top0.22 mi85 ft7.3%
trompe-l'œil0.50 mi36 ft0.8%
Champagne Descent1.54 mi-400 ft-4.9%
Welk: "...and a one and a two and..."3.48 mi-522 ft-2.7%
Lawrence Welk Flats1.63 mi-69 ft-0.5%
Circle R Drive2.92 mi636 ft4.1%
Circle-R Drive part-A1.10 mi226 ft3.9%
Circle R to first summit1.71 mi381 ft4.2%
Circ R to CDR11.56 mi-925 ft-0.4%
Half the Circle 0.87 mi220 ft4.8%
Lilac Lal Bagh0.24 mi69 ft5.4%
Lilac down4.39 mi-617 ft-2.7%
Lilac Surprise0.29 mi72 ft4.7%
Descending w. lilac2.69 mi-509 ft-3.6%
Lilac getaway2.13 mi-358 ft-3.2%
Via Puerta Del Sol Uppp0.32 mi180 ft10.4%
Via Puerta Del Sol South2.09 mi-285 ft-0.9%
old bonsall bridge west 0.10 mi-7 ft-1.2%
VW-76 Rise1.06 mi279 ft5.0%
Ozzy's sprint0.32 mi69 ft3.9%
sdnalmraw reverse1.75 mi-95 ft-0.4%
safety uphill only0.37 mi105 ft4.6%
Faraday Westbound Steep Hill0.07 mi52 ft12.7%