G4 27/11/22 - BBB

Cycling Route·Road

39.5 mi
2,137 ft
Borehamwood-Brookmans Park-Bricket Wood Stop briefly at the Wood Farm London Viewpoint to look at the amazing view of London (weather permitting). Coffee at The Brookman, Brookmans Park (21 miles)
Created By
Nick Lilley
November 22, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation



NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Potterells (sprint)0.27 mi36 ft-2.3%
Old Redding0.41 mi115 ft5.3%
tollgate incline0.60 mi39 ft1.2%
Big Dipper!0.58 mi49 ft-0.8%
Holmshill Lane Climb0.46 mi89 ft3.6%
Bell lane rbt to rbt0.86 mi23 ft-0.5%
SPRINT HILL!0.09 mi26 ft5.3%
Colney Street Rise0.58 mi30 ft0.6%
Bradmore Ln◢uphill segment0.40 mi52 ft2.4%
Little Lump just to make sure the legs burn0.10 mi10 ft-0.5%
Ridge sprint sign0.38 mi52 ft2.3%
Courser's Road North to South1.74 mi33 ft-0.0%
Station Road0.31 mi7 ft-0.0%
The Case Is Altered Sprintastic 20.43 mi43 ft1.3%
Warrengate0.49 mi7 ft-0.3%
Clamp sprint to Lady A0.58 mi33 ft-0.8%
Summerswood Descent0.53 mi72 ft-2.5%
Deacons Hill0.24 mi39 ft3.1%
Vivian Gdns to the petrol station0.52 mi30 ft0.9%
Bottom to the Top of Sandy lane0.89 mi194 ft4.1%
Cecil Road 0.55 mi26 ft-0.6%
A1 to Ridge1.21 mi95 ft0.9%
old redding circle to cross1.04 mi210 ft3.4%
Well End0.18 mi23 ft-2.5%
Clamp Hill Down0.60 mi141 ft-4.4%